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Tons of oral motor exercises for toddlers and kids that can easily and naturally be used in the home. Plus, get a free downloadable PDF!

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34 Oral Motor Exercises that You Never Knew You Needed

Leigh Strawbridge Domaracki, Lori A. Am J Occup Ther ;44 8 — Many persons with severe and profound disabilities exhibit chronic and excessive drooling, which can have unfavorable effects on their socialization and health. Few treatments to reduce this behavior, however, have been evaluated systematically. In the present investigation, oral motor stimulation was used with 2 children who attended a residential educational facility for students who are blind and who have multiple disabilities. The treatment involved the brushing of the hard palate, the upper and lower gums, the tongue, and the inside of both cheeks at 1-hr intervals during the school day. The efficacy of this approach was demonstrated with a withdrawal experimental design.

Drooling, also known as ptyalism or sialorrhea can be defined as salivary incontinence or the involuntary spillage of saliva over the lower lip. Drooling could be caused by excessive production of saliva, inability to retain saliva within the mouth, or problems with swallowing. Drooling can lead to functional and clinical consequences for patients, families, and caregivers. Physical and psychosocial complication includes maceration of skin around the mouth, secondary bacterial infection, bad odour, dehydration and social stigmatisation. People with drooling problems are also at increased risk of inhaling saliva, food, or fluids into the lungs especially when body's normal reflex mechanisms, such as gagging and coughing are also impaired. Successful management of sialorrhea can alleviate the associated hygienic problems, improve appearance, enhance self-esteem, and significantly reduce the nursing care time of these sufferers. Chronic drooling can be difficult to manage; this article gives overview of the causes, effects and management of drooling of saliva in general practice.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Kumar and A. Varma and V. Kumar Published Medicine. Purpose: Drooling is commonly observed in neurologically impaired children and carries a social stigma.

Seven Tips to Stop Your Child with Special Needs from Drooling

Drooling is an everyday issue for parents of infants and toddlers, especially when their child is teething or has a cold and is congested. Sometimes children just need a gentle reminder of the issue. Help them become aware of their drooling by deciding on a code word that alerts them to close their mouth. Weakness in the lips and the muscles that surround the mouth can also make it difficult for a child to keep their mouth closed, which leads to drooling. Read the following articles for more fun activities that can help with drooling. If you child continues to drool excessively they may need a specific program of exercise. An occupational therapist that specializes in oral motor or oral placement therapy OPT can help.

Drooling, or loss of saliva from the mouth, may occur for a variety of reasons. Gum or tooth disease, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, allergies, middle ear infections, gastroesophageal reflux, medications, mouth breathing, body position, level of activity, intensity of concentration, and level of alertness may affect control of secretions and may result in drooling. Abnormal patterns of movement or muscle weakness for the lips, cheeks, jaw and tongue may also result in drooling. The focus of this article is drooling due to abnormal patterns of movement or muscle weakness, both of which may occur in individuals with low muscle tone. To effectively and efficiently control oral secretions, the muscles and structures of the oral areas must constantly make subtle adjustments, twenty four hours a day.

Drooling is a normal process during infancy and toddler stages, as tooth eruption causes increased saliva production. Past this normal stage, however, drooling can become a social and developmental problem. These factors are addressed below:. Is it from allergies? Sinus issues? Dental issues?

Drooling (also known as poor saliva control, 'sialorrhoea' or 'dribbling') is because of severe oral motor difficulties. Speech pathologist showing oral exercises. 10 This booklet is also available online, and a PDF can be downloaded.

Effects of oral motor therapy in children with cerebral palsy

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Oral Motor/drooling

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