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Download Study Notes for AMIE Subjects easily

Education and Career Forum. List of reference books for CSAT and mains exam? How to prepare for the exam? Reference books to prepare for SET Mathematics? Which books to refer for preparation? List of the reference books and how to prepare for the Botany Subject? Date of issue of the forms?

Jain Brothers amie solved papers. You have to search and get them. I ts very simple, for example take this syllabus of Material Science subject of amie section A and take some words as shown in the following image:- take each word and add "lecture notes. I have downloaded this pdf file, its excellent contains very good lectures for reference and crystal clear understanding. No will give you or just send you study materials in your mail inbox or whatapp number, u have to take some pain also for getting study notes.

September 26th, , PM. Last edited by Aakashd; November 21st, at PM. September 27th, , PM. Duration of question paper is 3 hours and maximum marks of paper is Here I am uploading question paper which is in pdf file.

Engineering management textbook for amie pdf free download

There is nice online support too, which includes course updates, unsolved papers, iQuiz, eBooks and video lectures. To bring total quality in this AMIE course for AMIE aspirants, we are using kaizen strategy continuous improvement in the process of course development. You can enroll at any time as the despatch schedule is adjustable. However you are advised to join as early as possible, because it will give you more time for study and revision of the course material. The entire printed course material in the form of notes is divided into number of modules consisting of basic concepts and examples to bring out clarity.

AMIE Study Materials Our AMIE-expert faculty has prepared sure-pass study Material Science and Engineering Ebook free download amie section a and.

List of Reference Books and PDF files to prepare for AMIE Exam of Section A?

Material Science and Engineering by V Raghavan is a good book for this. All parts of a question a,b,etc. The combined knowledge of materials from materials science and materials engineering enable engineers to convert materials into products needed by the society.

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Download Study Notes for AMIE Subjects easily

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