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Additionally, supporting our customers if they have trouble paying can make a significant difference to their lives. More than ever in , we have stepped up to support our mortgage customers through uncertain times. Home repossession is always a last resort for NatWest Group, we have a team dedicated to supporting customers in financial difficulty and find the best way to manage this with them.

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Let us help you find an award winning mortgage deal. Due to Coronavirus and the Government Furlough Scheme we have made some changes to our lending policy which may impact your application. Please enter a deposit borrowing amount. Your property value must be greater than your deposit borrowing amount. Please adjust your property value or deposit borrowing amount. You can use our mortgage calculators to find out how much you could borrow or jump straight to an online lending decision.

As such, cookies for this site are currently disabled. In order to have access to all the features of our fully-optimised website, please enable your JavaScript settings via your browser. For a list of all the cookies we use and what they do, please read our Cookie Policy. Here are just some of the main features:. Using Online Banking is straightforward - all you need is a PC, a Mac, a smartphone or tablet with internet access, and the right browser. As a bank, we obviously take security very seriously - so you can be sure your money is in safe hands, however you choose to access it. We use a combination of Secure Key hardware and software encryption devices to protect your accounts and personal details, and we guarantee if any money is fraudulently taken from your account, we'll repay it in full, providing you've complied with our Terms and Conditions PDF.

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We understand this is a difficult time for many of our customers. Find out more about your options. If your income is temporarily affected by coronavirus we could offer you a mortgage payment holiday of up to 3 months at a time, for a maximum of 6 months in total. If you have already missed a mortgage payment before applying for a mortgage payment holiday, you must not complete our online form. Apply for a mortgage payment holiday. Sometimes you may want to make some changes to the terms we agreed at the start or maybe you just want to check your remaining balance on your mortgage. If you are coming to the end of your current mortgage offer, or just simply reviewing your finances, we offer a clear and simple range of mortgage rates.

Are you dreaming of a new home? Why not wake up, and live in it? With a loan from Dieterich Bank, you can! What type of loan are you interested in? Apply Now. Limited income or less than perfect credit? This loan has less stringent credit and income requirements than those of conventional loans.

ARE YOU READY TO PAY OFF YOUR HOME IN YEARS? Download our FREE ebook and video course to learn if getting a HELOC is right for you so you​.

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On July 21, , rulewriting authority for consumer protection laws related to mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts and other consumer financial products transferred from the Federal Reserve Board to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB. For information on recent regulatory changes, as well as additional information about shopping for and using consumer financial products, please visit the CFPB's website. Have interest rates fallen? Or do you expect them to go up? Has your credit score improved enough so that you might be eligible for a lower-rate mortgage?

You can apply to borrow more if you have an existing Lloyds Bank current account, for at least one month, and have a single Lloyds Bank loan in your name only; not a joint loan. Just be aware, there are things you can't use a loan for. Your other options - when borrowing money, you need to make the right choice for you and your circumstances.

See terms and conditions 45 KB. Decreasing cover runs for a fixed time, with the lump sum reducing each month for as long as the policy lasts. The monthly payments, known as premiums, remain the same. You can apply for decreasing cover life or critical illness insurance online or over the phone on a non-advised basis.

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