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So, should you opt to use a cloud-based e-procurement software solution for your business needs?

One of the key areas of debate currently in the procurement sector is the how e-commence can be harnessed to improve the efficiency of organisations and thus can be used to support the drive for organisation profitability. Electronic procurement, commonly referred to as e-procurement, defines the automation of procurement and supply chain processes using internet based applications and technology. This expands the idea of enterprise resource planning ERP systems, allowing the automation of internal business processes, thus providing a platform that supports automation at a global level. It allows procurement professionals across the world to communicate information simply and efficiently, streamlining the global procurement process; reducing time and costs without compromising on standards and quality. There are many benefits to be found from using e-procurement within an organisation, and the following are just some of the key points:.

advantages and disadvantages of direct procurement method

Considering the implementation of new software tools or systems is a process that should always include an acknowledgement of the challenges and disadvantages associated with those tools, and this concept applies to e-procurement systems as well. All it takes is a quick Google search to be surrounded by forests of praise, cost-savings, and efficiency enhancing features. But when it comes to addressing the real challenges and potential disadvantages of e-procurement systems, reading about the difficulties that procurement professionals have encountered in the past is the best way to find the right questions to ask before buying-in. The team at Tradogram understands this, and has been designing a procurement software solution with these obstacles in mind to overcome them and ensure that the traditional disadvantages of e-procurement are minimized — or eliminated completely in many cases. For convenience, this list has been compiled to highlight some of the most commonly addressed disadvantages of e-procurement systems to ensure that your procurement team has full transparency during the e-procurement sourcing process. Implementation is sometimes taken for granted by companies who are considering an e-procurement solution.

In its broadest sense, e-procurement involves electronic data transfers to support operational, tactical and strategic procurement. E-procurement has therefore been around for much longer than the term itself which first came into usage after the establishment of the internet in the s. From the s until the mid s, e-procurement primarily took the form of electronic data interchange EDI. Nowadays, e-procurement is often supported by internet technologies and is becoming more prevalent. The historic context is demonstrated in the chart below:.

Many purchasing managers worry that e-procurement is too complicated and opens their organization up to privacy concerns and errors. But there are some very important benefits to e-procurement that you may not have considered. E-procurement saves you money by preventing duplicate spending, leveraging volume buying, and saving you costs associated with paper-based systems for example, the cost of stamps to mail your paperwork. Electronically conducting your procurement makes it easier to write and analyze reports on your procurement systems, meaning you can ensure that your procurement procedures conform to your policies. Having your records stored electronically makes it easier to submit reusable tenders. Meanwhile, use of templates means paperwork can be filled out more quickly. Tired of finding new space to store all that paperwork?

What is eSourcing?

E tendering system has turned out to be extremely successful after the quick pace of innovation in technology. This type of e tendering system associates enterprises directly with suppliers making acquisition easiest among the other tasks. An e-tendering system is designed to satisfy every need of an enterprise and an impressive option to opt for. On the contrary, the cause for most of the challenges faced by an e-tendering system arises from the vendor and not the enterprise but rather affects the whole procurement process. Whenever technology is involved, there is always a risk of data compromising. An eProcurement system will replace the individual who has been physically dealing the vendors over years.

Like all transformative technologies, E-Procurement has its share of associated pros and cons. Building a thorough understanding of the benefits offered by E-Procurement solutions, as well as the potential disadvantages of E-Procurement improperly applied, can help you identify and implement the software tools best suited to meeting your goals for cost savings and continuous improvement in all your business processes. Also known as e-procurement , E-Procurement software gives organizations visibility and control over all their procurement processes, ranging from the procure-to-pay P2P cycle to supply chain management to strategic and financial planning. They provide a centralized, cloud-based software environment that connects stakeholders, applications, and physical locations for more optimal communication, collaboration, and efficiency. While software automation used to be somewhat exclusive to larger organizations, both small businesses and massive conglomerates use E-Procurement software today. While all businesses are unique in some way, generally speaking E-Procurement is implemented as part of a larger business process management initiative. General goals include cost savings, efficiency improvements, and greater strategic and competitive decision making, supported in part by using E-Procurement to:.

The firm is then expected to communicate and share information with the selected parties. Of course not. Direct procurement results in various additional costs to the firm. Probability of change in design and construction phases. The advantages and disadvantages of the various procurement procedures Student paper Course: State aid and Public Procurement in the European Union Coordinators: Dr. Sarah Schoenmaekers and Dr.

The role of E-procurement in the purchasing process. figure which then will be followed by the advantages and disadvantages of each in the given table. (Chaffey, ) (katcompany.org).

5 E-procurement advantages

The technology is designed to assist organisations generate savings from their supply chains, increase visibility of key business information and reduce the amount of time it takes for procurement professionals to do their day-to-day tasks. Electronic sourcing is a small but important part of the overall eProcurement process. Organisations achieve this with pre-purchase questionnaires PQQ , which are detailed documents designed to assess the suitability of a supplier.

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The Benefits of E-Procurement

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