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Luis C. Accinelli and G.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Solow, R. Economic Record, 32, The study was intended to investigate the relationship between gross domestic savings and economic growth in Ghana; with the specific objective of finding whether there exists a long run relationship between them, and it was also intended to ascertain the direction of causality between the two running actors in the study over the period of to


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Aniket, Kumar : Solow-Swan growth model and the fortunes of the commons. The traditional Solow-Swan growth framework has only one kind privately owned capital. Output saved in a period is transformed into privately owned capital through the saving channel. We add a fiscal channel that taxes output and transforms it into public goods subject to congestion. We show that under the standard conditions the steady state of the economy is determined by the interaction of these two channels and prosperity for a country is only attained if both channels work properly. Aidt, T. Tax structure, size of government, and the extension of the voting franchise in western europe, —

Luis C. Accinelli and G. Brida, The ramsey model with logistic population growth,, Economics Bulletin , 3 , 1. Google Scholar. Alonso, C.

Solow-Swan growth model and the fortunes of the commons

The Solow—Swan model is an economic model of long-run economic growth set within the framework of neoclassical economics. It attempts to explain long-run economic growth by looking at capital accumulation , labor or population growth , and increases in productivity , commonly referred to as technological progress. At its core is a neoclassical aggregate production function , often specified to be of Cobb—Douglas type, which enables the model "to make contact with microeconomics ". Mathematically, the Solow—Swan model is a nonlinear system consisting of a single ordinary differential equation that models the evolution of the per capita stock of capital. Due to its particularly attractive mathematical characteristics, Solow—Swan proved to be a convenient starting point for various extensions. For instance, in , David Cass and Tjalling Koopmans integrated Frank Ramsey's analysis of consumer optimization, thereby endogenizing the saving rate , to create what is now known as the Ramsey—Cass—Koopmans model. The neo-classical model was an extension to the Harrod—Domar model that included a new term: productivity growth.

Questo lavoro generalizza il modello neoclassico di Solow-Swan sostituendo la legge demografica Malthusiana della forza lavoro con la legge di Verhulst logistica. All'aumentare del progesso tecnico si rilevano incrementi della produzione. Sono stati valutati diversi scenari e si prova che la nuova soluzione converge a quella classica, al tendere a zero del coefficiente di autolimitazione della legge logistica. In this paper the neo-classical economic Solow-Swan model has been improved replacing its Malthusian manpower law with the Verhulst logistic one. The logistic growth injection for the manpower is detected to induce a more slow dynamics onto the Solow-Swan system, which keeps its stability. Increasing developments are displayed as the technologic progress rises. Further sceneries are tested and the congruence of the new solution with the classical one is shown switching to zero the selflimitation coefficent in the logistic law.

ECONOMIC GROWTH and CAPITAL ACCUMULATION. T. W. Swan. Australian National University Previous FigureNext Figure. Caption. Download PDF. back​.

The Solow model improved through the logistic manpower growth law

The aim of this research is to study the relationship between thrifts, capital accumulation, and economic growth, as suggested by Swan in It provides a model which measures resource contribution, productivity, and share on economic growth and explains how it could occur in an economy. New formulas emerge as powerful tools in building a rigorous new method of attack to support the analysis and explanation of this subject, which was evaluated by the case of Costa Rica during the period -

Spatial perspectives on new theories of economic growth

Swan The Economic Record , , vol.

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