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For more than a thousand students and professional players it has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in improving fast legato skills on the trombone. Covering all aspects of the doodle tongue technique, this book was written for students, teachers and professionals alike. This complete method explains the fast legato technique in a step-by-step fashion, from how to correctly form the syllables to complex patterns incorporating natural downward slurs.

Doodle Studies And Etudes - Bob Mcchesney

If you are a trombone player with some interest in jazz, chances are great that you heard about doodle tonguing. It is a technique that enables you to play fast lines much smoother than with double tongue this is NOT double tongue for brass players! Playing fast lines on the trombone is actually more a question about articulation than being able to move slide fast enough. Where double tongue is well suited for fast marcato and staccato playing, doodle tongue is perfect for fast legato playing. It is hard to get the swing phrasing right, and the notes get too short. With doodle tonguing, there is kind of a built in swing phrasing that makes it perfect for jazz! Some players have a really fast single tongue, and hardly ever uses double or doodle tongue, but if you like me are not one of them, you will probably find doodle tonguing very helpful.

Jazz Etudes And Duets By Bob Mcchesney

A complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone, with demonstration and play-along CD. Internationally renowned trombonist Bob McChesney is a product of the Baltimore, Maryland public school music programs, and is primarily a self-taught virtuoso. He developed a technique by which he could play fast groupings of notes on the trombone that sounded like a saxophone or trumpet. At the time when he was a child , he didn't know that the technique was known as 'doodle tonguing', and has since written this treatise on the subject. This technique is not intended to replace standard methods of trombone articulation, but is a technique that can add another dimention to the trombonist's performance.

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pdf or read online bob mcchesney techic on doodle tonguing for slide trombone doodle studies and etudes bob mcchesney jazz duets for trombone bob martin.

Bob Mcchesney - Doodle Tonguing - Trombone

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    Doodle Studies and Etudes. for slide trombone. with Demonstration / Play-along CD. by Bob McChesney. edited by Richard Fote. Doodle Studies and Etudes by.

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    Respected as one of the foremost authorities on doodle tonguing, mcchesney has contributed an article to the international trombone association journal.

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