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Electromagnetic fields EMF have been implicated to influence a range of bodily functions. Given their ubiquitous nature, widespread applications, and capability to produce deleterious effects, conclusive investigations of the health risks are critical.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Radiation exposure has long been a concern for the public, policy makers, and health researchers. Beginning with radar during World War II, human exposure to radio-frequency radiation 1 RFR technologies has grown substantially over time. In addition, three large-scale carcinogenicity studies in rodents exposed to levels of RFR that mimic lifetime human exposures have shown significantly increased rates of Schwannomas and malignant gliomas, as well as chromosomal DNA damage. Of particular concern are the effects of RFR exposure on the developing brain in children. Compared with an adult male, a cell phone held against the head of a child exposes deeper brain structures to greater radiation doses per unit volume, and the young, thin skull's bone marrow absorbs a roughly fold higher local dose. Experimental and observational studies also suggest that men who keep cell phones in their trouser pockets have significantly lower sperm counts and significantly impaired sperm motility and morphology, including mitochondrial DNA damage. Based on the accumulated evidence, we recommend that IARC re-evaluate its classification of the human carcinogenicity of RFR, and that WHO complete a systematic review of multiple other health effects such as sperm damage.

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If a credible risk is detected, the FDA will work closely with other federal partners to mitigate the risk. The gold standard for the assessment of risk to public health remains the data and information that is available from studying effects on humans. As part of ongoing monitoring activities, the FDA analyzes published epidemiological studies for specific outcomes including brain and other tumors as well as for any evidence of other adverse events. No clear and consistent pattern has emerged from epidemiological studies. Based on the evaluation of the currently available information, the FDA believes that the weight of the scientific evidence does not support an increase in health risks from radio frequency exposure from cell phone use at or below the radio frequency exposure limits set by the FCC. The SEER data show that brain cancer rates are not increasing in the United States despite the significant increase in the number of cell phone users.

Health Implications of Electromagnetic Fields, Mechanisms of Action, and Research Needs

Nowadays, almost all human beings are always surrounded by technology, and different intensities of electromagnetic field EMF exposure accompany them at home, in the workplace, at public facilities, etc. Mobile phones MP are an integral part of modern telecommunication systems and have become globally ubiquitous 2 , 12 , Currently, mobile communication shapes daily life through better connectivity and intelligent smartphone services However, many animal and human studies have emphasised the deleterious biological consequences of EMF exposure from MP for health. Others have nevertheless reported no significant influence. The debate about the effect on health of EMF exposure from MP used in close proximity to the body, especially the effect on the brain, opens a new reasearch avenue for scientists.

Cell phone radiation exposure on brain and associated biological systems. Kesari KK, Siddiqui MH, Meena R, Verma HN, Kumar S. Source.

Radiation Effects of Mobile Phones and Tablets on the Skin: A Systematic Review

Items in NOPR are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Full text facility is provided for all nineteen research journals viz. Show full item record. Cell phone radiation exposure on brain and associated biological systems. Kesari, Kavindra Kumar Siddiqui, Mohd.

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The escalated use of various wireless communication devices, which emit non-ionizing radiofrequency RF fields, have raised concerns among the general public regarding the potential adverse effects on human health. During the last six decades, researchers have used different parameters to investigate the effects of in vitro and in vivo exposures of animals and humans or their cells to RF fields.

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Cell phone radiation exposure on brain and associated biological systems.
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