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The time you spent in fresherslive will be the most beneficial one for you. Take up this computer fundamentals quiz below for beginners and get to increase your knowledge. By default, your documents print in which mode? Note: Please reload the page if this quiz does not load properly. Which of the following is an operating system you would be using on the computer?

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Note: The updated version of this ebook is available. Click here to download Second Edition. I hope this will help you to sharpen your competitiveness and fill up the gaps if any. The MCQ Bank contain questions from various topics of Computer Fundamental such as the history of computers, computer generation, classification, computer system, hardware and software, liveware, firmware and cache memory, peripherals, computer media, networking, security and viruses, file management, ASCII and Unicode standards, IT policy, electronic act and so on. I paid my sincere care to make this eBook free from errors and mistakes. I believe this is the most reliable copy for you to prepare your competitive exams.

Computer Objective Questions With Answers in Hindi PDF Download

The ALU of a central processing unit does the essential maths work for the computer. What does the control unit do? Which of the following is not used for storage purposes with main frame computers? Computer instructions written with the use of English words instead of binary machine code is called. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except:. ICL is a fourth-generation computer.

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