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It is made of concrete and reinforcements are provided to support it. It is several inches thick and it rests on beams and columns.

Slabs are constructed to provide flat surfaces, usually horizontal, in building floors , roofs, bridges , and other types of structures. The slab may be supported by walls, by reinforced concrete beams usually cast monolithically with the slab, by structural steel beams, by columns , or by the ground. You can also read 16 Different types of Slabs in Construction.

Slab is an important structural element generally constructed horizontally to provide flat surfaces such as roof, ceiling, floor, etc. Slabs may be supported by RCC beams, columns, steel beams, etc. Basically, the depth of a slab is very small compared to its depth.

One Way Slab and Two Way Slab | Design Procedure | Example

The slab is the horizontal structural component that provides a flat and purposive surface. Such a surface may be floor, roof or ceiling. Slab carries the loads imposed on it and duly transfers the forces either in a one way or in a two-way mechanism. Thus, slab serves both as a load-bearing surface as well as a walking surface. Depending upon the requirement and the design of the structure, different types of slab such as concrete slab, flat slab, waffle slab etc can be used. It also serves as a divider between the consecutive floors thereby providing privacy to the occupants. One way slab can be defined as the type of slab in which the ratio of the longer span to the shorter span is greater than two.

Before diving into the topic, I hope you read the basic topics that we have covered already. The above posts help a lot to understand the topic much better. From Drawing Given Data. For steel, calculation refer — How to calculate the weight of steel bars? He is the author, editor of Civil Planets. Hello, I need a clarification ,Whether every main bar should be cranked or alternative bar should be cranked.

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Design calculation Design of one way slab Slab S1 Span of One way slab L = 2 m Section provided

The simplest routine structural element for illustration of design provisions in the Code is the one-way slab. A one-way slab is defined for purposes of this book as a flexural member with depth small relative to other dimensions, supporting gravity loads applied normal to and directly over its surface, spanning in one direction between parallel supports, and reinforced for flexure in that direction only. For purposes of analysis, one-way slabs may be restrained to any degree at the supports or may be unrestrained. In general, when the Code provision is intended to apply to one-way slabs, the term will be used in the sense of the definition herein. For example, the Code requires stirrups in most beams, but specifically exempts slabs and footings from the requirement Section

One way slab is a slab which is supported by beams on the two opposite sides to carry the load along one direction. The ratio of longer span (l).

Difference Between One Way Slab And Two Way Slab

Civil Lead. In reinforced concrete construction, the slab is an extensively used structural element forming floors and roofs. It may be supported by reinforced concrete beam, by masonry wall or directly by column. Difference between one way and two way slab are as follows. One way slab essentially acts as shallow beams with a large width.

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    A slab is constructed to provide flat surfaces, typically horizontal, in building roofs, floors, bridges, and other types of structures.

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    (a)], in which the structural action is essentially one-way, the loads being carried in direction perpendicular to Load transfer in (a) One-way slab, (b) Two-way Slab (Nilson). Fig. Moments are obtained using coefficients (and the formula M = Cwl2) pile and sheet pile, the last three used more for basement walls.

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