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This book addresses all of these areas and is written for electrical engineering students and practising engineers. For libraries associated with academic programs in electric engineering. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals.

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Published References: Customers

One way we could present the accuracy of our software might be to show "good agreement" to published data, based on our own simulations against known results. But does this prove that you will get right results with our software, without knowing the answer in advance? We believe the most solid proof comes from unbiased third-party published references that show successful designs accomplished through the use of the Sonnet em Suite. If you're planning to purchase a planar field solver in the near future, one of the questions you will want to ask is, "who is using your software successfully in the industry? To help to answer this question for Sonnet, we have included a list of bibliographical references, published by many of our customers, who attribute successful designs at least in part to the Sonnet em Suite. Don't just take our word on the quality of our software--see what our customers are saying. If you are one of our customers who has published a paper or article referencing the use of Sonnet in your successful design, and we've missed it here, please let us know.

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Print Send Add Share. Committee Members: O, Kenneth K. Bashirullah, Rizwan Benson, Harold P. First, differential circuit measurements with a two port network instrument are discussed. Many companies and academic researchers use a four port instrument to measure their differential RF chips.

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Broadband Balun and Embedded Phase Noise Measurement System Design for RF IC Testing

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    It is used as a phasdfrequency detector and charge pump replacement in an all-digital PLL for a fully-compliant GSM transceiver.

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