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Provides excellent guidance and material for those intending to research aspects of language. This [second edition] is a good book and, while written for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of language, it should serve as an important starting block for professionals wanting to become practitioner-researchers in this field. Du kanske gillar.

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Is Self-Sufficiency Really Sufficient? Arianna Morgan. Disordered Thought, Disordered Language: A corpus-based description of the speech of individuals undergoing treatment for schizophrenia , Lucas Carl Steuber.

Braun Hamilton. Building community and bridging cultures : the role of volunteer tutors in Oregon's Latino serving community-based organizations , Troy Vaughn Hickman. Self-perceptions of non-native English speaking teachers of English as a second language , Kathryn Ann Long. The relationship between a pre-departure training program and its participants' intercultural communication competence , Daniel Timothy Ferguson.

Perceptions of teacher and student roles : views of Japanese businessmen , John Walter Armbrust. The relationship between the use of graphophonic strategy and the success in English vocabulary learning for Chinese students , Ching-chih Christine Huang. Effects of participant roles on input interactions and comprehensible output , Larry Douglas Morgan. Metaphoric extension as a basis for vocabulary teaching in English as a second language , Dennis L. The function of phrasal verbs and their lexical counterparts in technical manuals , Brock Brady.

The importance of phonological practice and other strategies for vocabulary recall and comprehension , Kristi Allyn DuBois. A study of the perceptual learning style preferences of Japanese students , Elizabeth Ann Hoffner. Analysis of English articles used by Japanese students , Noriko Iwasaki. An evaluation of the academic success of students who participated in the English for non-native residents program at Portland State University , Linda Carol Andrews Dunn.

Cross-cultural differences in written discourse patterns : a study of acceptability of Japanese expository compositions in American universities , Hiroko Kitano. Study of referential and display questions and their responses in adult ESL reading classes , Susan Lindenmeyer. Phrasal verbs in academic lectures , Robert D. The unified speech period of a bilingual child , Gary Frank Wood. Chinese voices : towards an ethnography of English as a second language , Diane Niblack Fox.

Preferred perceptual learning styles of Chinese students , Alex Albert Pia. The effect of media on the listening comprehension scores of intermediate ESL students , Marian Tyson. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Home About My Account. Applied Linguistics Dissertations and Theses. Find Enter search terms:. Digital Commons.

Applied Linguistics: A Twenty-First-Century Discipline

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Projects in Linguistics is a unique and essential guide for anyone doing a research project in language and linguistics. With orientation overviews of the main areas of enquiry typically targeted by students, it offers practical help in identifying a topic, finding background reading, planning and designing a study, collecting and analysing data, and writing a convincing account.

Applied Language Studies Major

This article focuses on the field of applied linguistics as a twenty-first century discipline. A realistic history of the field of applied linguistics would place its origins at around the year with the publication of the first issue of the journal Language Learning: A Journal of Applied Linguistics. Although there are certainly other possible starting points, particularly from a British perspective, this dating still accords roughly with most discussions of the beginning of applied linguistics.

Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies, Third Edition, is your essential guide when embarking on a research project in linguistics or English language. It is clearly divided into the subject areas that most appeal to you as a student: psycholinguistics; first- and second-language acquisition; structure and meaning; sociolinguistics; language and gender; accents and dialects; and the history of English. New chapters on researching computer-mediated communication CMC and on preparing and delivering oral presentations are also included. It offers practical advice on - identifying a topic - making background reading more effective - planning and designing a project - collecting and analysing data - writing up and presenting findings. With over project ideas that you can use directly or adapt to suit different contexts and interests, and with chapters on how to reference effectively and how to avoid plagiarism, this third edition of Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies is a reference guide that you will use again and again during your studies.

Is Self-Sufficiency Really Sufficient? Arianna Morgan. Disordered Thought, Disordered Language: A corpus-based description of the speech of individuals undergoing treatment for schizophrenia , Lucas Carl Steuber. Braun Hamilton.

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