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The papers will collectively discuss how companies today are deploying an MSP program to help transform their human capital investment. Two of the major stakeholders most often engaged in this strategy are Procurement and Human Resources Aberdeen research indicates that when these two groups work together effectively, an MSP delivers significantly higher cost savings than MSPs without this vital collaboration between HR and Procurement 1. The approach taken in this series will be to address common questions about MSP programs, and to provide a framework that allows for informed decision making. Regrettably, the complexity of available solutions, confusing messages from the marketplace, and an array of strange acronyms can make this process exceedingly difficult for organizations just beginning this journey. As such, each of these papers will incorporate perspectives from the staffing and workforce solutions outsourcing industry as related topics are presented and discussed. Numerous references throughout each paper are attributed to three well-respected sources: Staffing Industry Analysts staffingindustry.

Maritime Spatial Planning pp Cite as. After presenting differences among European sea-basins with regard to blue sector development, it underlines the need for a differentiated definition and policy support for Blue Growth. We argue that MSP should be adapted towards the different Blue Growth support needs of countries, regions and maritime sectors throughout Europe. MSP should be seen more strongly in strategic future development planning, for example, highlighting potential development areas which may stimulate economic growth in territorial areas lagging behind others. Blue Growth, as a cross-cutting policy tool in Europe, has continuously evolved with the development of Maritime Spatial Planning MSP and several related maritime policies. In particular, it pursues three main targets: 1 sustainable development of the European maritime economy, 2 protection of the environment and 3 cooperation of all maritime players across sectors and borders.

In our new IR35 podcast, we discuss how MUFG has approached IR35 and reveal real-world tips you can implement to ensure your company continues to optimally leverage its contingent workforce. Previously, companies in the UK private sector have been able to engage contractors on a self-employed basis — giving them the liberty to disguise said contractors as employees and, as a result, creating tax discrepancies. The demand for payrolling services has grown over the years with changing business requirements, globalization of the workforce and the passage of new regulations. Yet while there are many third-party payrolling options available today, few offer the breadth of experience and expertise needed to optimize this area of contingent workforce management. While India experienced a nationwide hiring freeze in the early days of the pandemic and lost nearly million jobs, the economy has begun to bounce back, and with it, new trends have emerged, including: [

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For over 40 years, Airswift has partnered with leading exploration and production companies within the oil and gas industry. Our focus is on sourcing and providing the talent and services that deliver efficiency and innovation in safety-focused environments. Airswift provides the following services to onshore, offshore, natural gas, upstream, midstream and downstream clients in the energy sector:. Our talent acquisition teams focus on dedicated disciplines and verticals. This gives them a detailed understanding of hiring manager requirements. This ensures that projects are staffed on-time, compliantly and within budget. For projects that require international human resources, our global employment and mobility services deliver:.

MSP pensions invested in iPhone firm with mass suicides. In January the five MSPs who oversee the pension scheme asked government actuary , Andrew Maclaren, to look into ways of making the investments more ethical. According to the Climate Accountability Institute , Shell is the fourth most polluting private company in the world. It is responsible for releasing over 31 billion tonnes of climate-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since The former head of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, resigned in after being accused of sexual harassment and of ignoring sexual assault claims about his friend, US film producer Harvey Weinstein. This motion was proposed by campaign group, SumOfUs , and was intended to stop Mastercard processing payments for far-right hate groups and websites. In the meantime, we encourage Scottish MSPs to stand up for human rights and face the dark truth of their pension investments.

At Beeline, we specialize in solutions that optimize the non-employee workforce. The Beeline Community is a private online community for our clients and partners. Explore our library of Beeline and industry resources to learn how forward-looking organizations acquire talent, manage contingent labor, and optimize their external workforces. Driven by data science and incorporating innovative technologies like artificial intelligence AI , big data, and machine learning, Beeline VMS is the only vendor management solution that can fully automate your talent acquisition and contingent workforce management processes. In addition, its powerful embedded analytics turn data into insights to help you make better workforce management decisions. Are you ready for an audit that covers all contingent workers? Is your team fully equipped to manage the VMS effectively?

Oil and gas companies across the globe are struggling with procuring skilled installation engineers, field safety advisors, etc., to meet their employment needs. A. report from Economist Intelligence Unit cites that the skills shortage is tool to help address them: SAP Fieldglass' Vendor Management System (VMS).

Oil & Gas Recruitment and Workforce Solutions

The promotion of RES is one of the energy policy responses to climate change, and the emphasis made by the European Commission and some Member States on its deployment has helped to place the EU as a world leader in the sector. However, the contribution of renewable energies has remained marginal in the southern Mediterranean energy mix. The Union for the Mediterranean UfM has launched the Mediterranean Solar Plan MSP to support RES deployment in the region, and Morocco has shown its interest in participating in the initiative, which would enable the country to exploit their important solar and wind potential, increase energy supply, reduce energy dependency and diversify its energy mix. Morocco is probably the best positioned country to implement the Mediterranean Solar Plan.

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Oil & Gas Recruitment and Workforce Solutions

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