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Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology pp Cite as. Pediatric psychology combines aspects of several disciplines in the delivery of health care to children and their families. This field came into existence primarily to fill an observed need: pediatric physicians are confronted with a large number of problems that require a comprehensive medical-psychological treatment approach.

Psychological Care of Infant and Child

An overview of the literature pertaining to the construct of emotional availability is presented, illustrated by a sampling of relevant studies. Methodological, statistical, and conceptual problems in the existing corpus of research are discussed, and suggestions for improving future investigations of this important construct are offered. Consider 3 studies of young infants and the implications they hold for early and enduring emotional relationships …. In a sample of adults, ages 25—74, from the U. National Survey of Midlife Development, early parental emotional support -- acts of caring, acceptance, and assistance -- proved a principal predictor of mental and physical health in adulthood, associations that persisted into the 7 th decade of life Brim et al. A substantial and ever enlarging body of research exists on the emotional relationship that develops between a mother and her infant. A baby comes into the world totally dependent on adults for survival but also equipped with a set of characteristics and behaviors capable of eliciting attention and care from them.

Don't have an account? This chapter focuses on how and where Josephine raised Philippa. Josephine based the way she disciplined her child on the ideas of John Broadus Watson, founder of a school of psychology called behaviourism. His advice was to treat children as young adults, never hug and kiss them, and let the parents' behaviour always be objective and firm. Watson discounted heredity and instinct as important factors in a child's development, and Josephine, though having difficulty with some of these ways of parenting, continued to accept the thesis. George and Josephine began to treat their daughter, from a very early age, as an intellectual equal and when they talked Philippa always listened attentively.

Attachment is the emotional bond between the child and the parent. Robert M. Ever since Bowlby 1 promulgated attachment theory, thinking derived from it has led some to expect day care, especially when initiated in the earliest years of life, to undermine the security of infant-parent attachment relationships. A final reason for anticipating a link between day care and attachment security was because security reflected general emotional well-being, so adverse effects of day care in infancy would manifest themselves as insecure attachment. Early research on the link between day care and attachment, often carried out on children years of age, provided no compelling evidence to support the claim that day care undermined security. This conclusion did not go unchallenged. One criticism was that the apparent influence of early and extensive day care on insecurity was the result of other explanatory factors e.

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology

When I was a new mom, there were plenty of books about how to physically care for a newborn: how to swaddle, how to change a diaper, and how to treat skin conditions. Erik Erikson, the famed psychoanalyst of the sixties, recommended eye contact for the foundation of newborn trust—so I spent a lot of time looking at my newborn baby girl. Since then, developmental scientists have learned a lot about what gets babies off to a good psychological beginning. The simple coordination of the first breath with the heartbeat is itself a wonder of biological engineering. In the space of one-and-a-half to two hours, the baby turns a tight schedule that keeps parents on their toes and is completely at odds with an adult sense of time. Generally speaking, there are six states, with transitions in between:. Deep sleep : The baby sleeps quietly without moving, and breathing is regular.

PSYCHOLOGICAL CARE OF. INFANT AND CHILD. By. JOHN B. WATSON, Ph.D​. Formerly Professor of Psychology. The Follos Itopkins. University. With the.

Pediatric Psychology

John Broadus Watson January 9, — September 25, was an American psychologist who popularized the scientific theory of behaviorism , establishing it as a psychological school. He was also the editor of Psychological Review from to In bringing him up, she subjected Watson to harsh religious training that later led him to develop a lifelong antipathy toward all forms of religion and to become an atheist. In an attempt to escape poverty, Watson's mother sold their farm and brought Watson to Greenville, South Carolina , [3] to provide him a better opportunity for success. However, the initial transition would be a struggle for Watson, as result of weak social skills.

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We work with infants aged months in foster or kinship care as a result of maltreatment. Our involvement comes at a time of critical decision-making about where children should spend the rest of their childhood. We work with families to build on strengths and address Infant developmental psychology addresses the critical stage of human development from conception to roughly age 2, a time period when growth is so rapid, and the consequences of neglect so damaging, that many believe this to be the most important stage of a person's life. At birth, a child's length roughly equals the distance from an adult's elbow to the fingertips, and by age 2 that child grows to half its A longitudinal investigation was designed to assess the psychological effects of an experimentally conducted day care program on children aged 3.

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