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It was released on July 07, As she takes Damsel-in-Distressing, Darling Charming 's homework assignment is to wait and sit perfectly for one hour and she's sick of it. Her roommate Rosabella Beauty assures her that her tedious waiting isn't as bad as the treatment of ogres and beasts.

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|Ebook PDF EPUB Download| Apple White's Story (Ever After High, #0.1) by Shannon Hale

Kiss and spell, p. Kiss and Spell, p. Inside the diary are lots of activities inspired by the events of this story. Grab a copy so you can flip the script! The light on the little oven illuminated, and the candy cane door popped open. Two perfectly golden muffins sat inside. She slid one of the muffins onto a plate and began to carefully peel back the foil. Perhaps it had seemed a bit odd to bring an old toy to school, but it was a beloved toy—a reminder of sweet moments in her happy and carefree youth.

It was simply a tiny chandelier that got hot enough to turn batter into cake. But even if the muffins had been baked by a cooking charm or a sweet spell, no one would have raised an eyebrow. Magic was everywhere at Ever After High, a boarding school for the sons and daughters of fairytale characters.

Though the two girls had different interests—Melody wanted to be a DJ, while Ginger wanted to be a professional pastry chef—they got along quite well as roommates. He swam to the top of his tank, poked his yellow head above the water, and smiled at her. He might have been made of candy, but he still acted like a real fish.

Bye, Jelly said with a smack of his tail. The mail room was all the way across campus, which meant Ginger had to descend a dozen staircases, dart down seven hallways, weave around three fountains, cross two bridges, and duck beneath a sagging arch to get there. Many students were heading to breakfast in the Castleteria. Ginger smiled proudly.

To be appreciated for her baking was a dream come true. Finally, a bit out of breath but giddy with expectation, she reached her destination. It paled in comparison with the grand design of the school library, where bookshelves were nestled between gigantic trees and enchanting tomes of yesteryear waited to be discovered. And it was totally boring compared with the Charmitorium, where chandelier light danced upon a gilded stage and princesses sat in plush box seats.

And because the current students received messages from home on their MirrorPhones, there were no stacks of envelopes or scrolls waiting to be picked up, as there had been in generations past. However, a few packages still arrived on the AM delivery coach. She tapped the little bell. Is there a delivery for me?

The lady who worked the counter peeked out of the back room. Ginger Breadhouse. The troll lady should have known her name by now. Ginger came to the mail room once a week for her special deliveries.

Lots and lots of grunting. Ginger tapped her fingers on the counter. It comes right off the mountainside. Then the troll lady shuffled out of the back room and set a small box on the counter. Ginger penned her swirly signature, looping the g and turning the o into a smiley face. She wrote as if decorating a cake, and that was how she dressed, too. Upon first glance, one might find Ginger a bit, well, overstated. More on that later. But her passion for baking scrumptious treats grew with each year, and it began to influence everything about her, including her appearance.

Even her shoes seemed to have been dipped in frosting. A bright candy-confection necklace and a cupcake-shaped hat completed the sweet statement. With her pink hair and pink glasses, Ginger was a colorful sight. Everything looks better with a little decoration, she believed. Or a cherry on top. The troll lady appeared to be an expert on that particular subject, seeing that a fair number of pustules were sprouting on her nose.

But the troll lady showed no signs of recognition. I teach people how to bake yummy things. I like Housewives of Troll County. Nor did she admit that she was minty green with jealousy because he had more views for a single episode than all of her episodes combined. Then she tucked the box under her arm and headed outside. The quad was busy this morning as students gathered to chat. With her heels clicking along the cobblestones, Ginger shook away the feelings of doubt.

For Ginger Breadhouse believed, with every ounce, gram, and sprinkle of her soul, that good food was one of the secret ingredients to happiness. Whether in times of celebration or sadness, beautifully prepared goodies had the power to bring people together. She smiled as her thoughts drifted toward the destiny she wanted with all her heart. He was brushing his thick blond hair.

Daring smiled into the camera, nearly blinding the viewers with his dazzlingly white teeth. Then he set the brush aside and spritzed cologne on his neck. The camera closed in on the bottle. Like bees seeking pollen, the groupies swarmed toward the bookstore. They all tried to cram into the doorway at the same time.

How very clever. She appreciated the kindness that many of the students offered her. Although most students loved her sweets and thought she was a nice person, others were suspicious of Ginger, on account of her fairytale destiny. Unlike Ashlynn and Holly, Ginger Breadhouse was not the daughter of a popular princess. She was the daughter of a witch. The Candy Witch. Some spend their lives in isolation. Some ride brooms and terrorize villagers. Some do magic tricks at birthday parties.

And some are nice, while others are wicked. She was the Candy Witch, the very woman rumored to have lured Hansel and Gretel into her gingerbread house, locked Hansel in a cage, then tried to fatten him up so she could roast him for dinner. But that was one big lie. So, without asking permission or waiting to be invited, they started to eat the house. Then, wanting more candy, they climbed through a window and started eating the interior.

When the Candy Witch caught them, she was very upset. The Candy Witch frowned. The point is, dearies, my house belongs to me, not you. And it is very rude to eat something that belongs to someone else. So the Candy Witch called their parents, and when faced with a month of being grounded, Hansel and Gretel lied.

She vants to eat us vith dumplings. They told everyone they knew that Hansel and Gretel had outsmarted the wicked witch, barely escaping with their lives. The fable quickly spread, from castle turret to sod hut. But even though she had no interest in consuming children, the Candy Witch still had a dark side. She was an expert at making evil potions. And she used them. Her mother and grandmother taught her the witchy ways.

Huddling over a steaming cauldron, brewing something vile, was what the women in her family did. She accepted her legacy with pride. Over the years, she had created a vast collection of potions. Some grew fur on bare skin. Some made ears double in size. Others stole voices. She always needed test subjects and learned, early on, that it was much easier to get a victim to eat an evil potion if it was hidden in a delicious treat.

Who could resist the allure of a cupcake with buttercream frosting? Or a gingerbread boy with gumdrop buttons? But she continued her quest, creating unpleasant potions, testing them, and publishing the results in academic and professional witch journals. Childhood was, therefore, quite difficult for Ginger.

The witch who lives there will eat you up!

A Semi-Charming Kind of Life

Holly and Poppy O'Hair are twins, but it's always been easy to tell these sisters apart. Because she is destined to be the next Rapunzel, Holly has always had the longest locks at Ever After High, while Poppy, whose fairytale destiny is up in the air, wears her hair short to express her individuality. But when Poppy's hair begins growing longer and longer, while Holly's hair gets shorter and shorter, it seems as if the sisters might have to reveal the secret they've been keeping about their destinies. Can they turn this bad hair day around, or will their fairytale ending be a fairy-fail? Cottonhorn Story. The Order of the Unicorn.

Lets read the book Ever After High: Kiss and Spell (A School Story) by Suzanne Selfors () PDF Online now. On this website, available.

Ever after high book series pdf

Ever After High: Kiss and Spell. Suzanne Selfors. What's a girl to do when she accidentally turns her crush into a frog?

What happens when fairy tale characters break the rules of their preordained stories? The answer, at Ever After High, is tons of fantastical fun and magic, with characters who will win the hearts and spark the imaginations of young readers. At Ever After High, parental expectations are taken to a fantastical extreme.

Kiss and Spell

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Find this Pin and more on Lorccaam by Clementine Nelson. Ever After High. Ashlynn Ella. Lizzie Hearts. Free Short Stories.

Ever After High is a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July It is a companion line to the Monster High dolls. However, in this line the characters are based upon characters from fairy tales and fantasy stories instead of monsters. As with Monster High and Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse , the line varies in different countries and varies in languages. It has spawned a web series , a film, and five book series. It is attended by the teenage children of fairy tale characters. The main characters are Raven Queen, who does not want to be evil like her mother the Evil Queen , and Apple White, the daughter of Snow White who wishes to live " happily ever after ".

Ever After High: Truth or Hair. Suzanne Selfors

Kiss and spell, p. Kiss and Spell, p. Inside the diary are lots of activities inspired by the events of this story. Grab a copy so you can flip the script! The light on the little oven illuminated, and the candy cane door popped open. Two perfectly golden muffins sat inside. She slid one of the muffins onto a plate and began to carefully peel back the foil.

Its very easy for you all. Audiobook Online Books. Editorial Reviews.

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