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Networking protocols multiple choice Questions and Answers. Solved Multiple Choice Questions on Computer networking

Computer Networks Interview Questions And Answers Guide

ED Jobs M. Com Jobs B. Sc Jobs B. E Jobs Ph. In this technological world, there cannot be anyone who has never used the internet. One can easily find Computer Networking Interview Questions with the help of internet. Earlier when a person wants to appear for an interview, needs to go through all the concerned books and materials available page by page carefully.

But the internet has made it all so easy. There are several sets of Interview Questions with Answers available on this page for freshers as well as experienced candidates.

Hence, preparing for an interview has become very simpler these days. After going through the basics of Computer Networking Interview Questions on this page which is well created by the team of recruitmentresult.

Here below we are providing the list of basic interview questions on computer networks. Check out the best computer networks basics interview questions and answers and also download computer networks interview questions with answers pdf. Question1: Define Network? Answer: A network is a set of devices which in which two or more nodes are connected by a physical linked or more than two networks. Question2: what is a Link?

Answer: A link refers to the connectivity between two devices which includes the type of cables and protocols that are used in order to communicate one device with the other. Question3: what is Protocol? Answer: A protocol is a set of rules that govern all aspects of information communication. Question4: Name the factors that affect the performance of the network? Question5: what is a LAN? It refers to the connection between computers and other network devices that are located within a small distance location.

Question6: Describe Network Topology? Answer: Network Topology refers to the layout of a computer network. It shows how devices and cables are physically laid out, as well as how they connect to one another. Question7: what is WAN? It connects networks that are located in different regions and countries. Question 8: Describe Network Topology? Question9: Describe star topology?

Answer: Star topology consists of a central hub that connects to nodes. This is one of the easiest to setup and maintain. Question what are gateways? Answer: Gateways provide connectivity between two or more network segments.

It is usually a computer that runs the gateway software and provides translation services. This translation is a key in allowing different systems to communicate on the network. Question what is the use of a default gateway?

Answer: Default gateways provide means for the local networks to connect to the external network. The default gateway for connecting to the external network is usually the address of the external router port. Question what common software problems can lead to network defects? Answer: Software related problems can be any or a combination of the following:. Question Explain the importance of authentication? It is normally performed using a username and password.

This provides a secure means of limiting the access from unwanted intruders on the network. Question Explain profile in terms of networking concept? Answer: Profiles are the configuration settings made for each user. A profile may be created that puts a user in a group, for example. Question Differentiate between hub and switch.

Get Here: Common Interview Mistakes. Question What is NIC? Question What are the advantages of fiber optics cable? Answer: The advantages of fiber optics cable over twisted pair cable are Noise resistance-As they use light so external noise is not a factor.

Less signal attenuation-fiber optics transmission distance is significantly greater than that of other guided media. Higher bandwidth-It can support higher bandwidth. Question Define IP? It is an unreliable and connectionless datagram protocol. It provides no error checking and tracking. Question What do you mean by redundancy? Answer: Redundancy is the concept of sending extra bits for use in error detection.

Three common redundancy methods are parity check, cyclic redundancy check CRC , and checksum. Question Define TCP? Answer: It is connection oriented protocol. It consist byte streams originating on one machine to be delivered without error on any other machine in the network. While transmitting it fragments the stream to discrete messages and passes to interne layer. At the destination it reassembles the messages into output stream. Question What are the layers of the OSI reference model?

Question What is the maximum length allowed for a UTP cable? Answer: A single segment of UTP cable has an allowable length of 90 to meters.

This limitation can be overcome by using repeaters and switches. Question What does 10Base-T mean? Answer: The 10 refers to the data transfer rate, in this case is 10Mbps. The word Base refers to base band, as oppose to broad band. T means twisted pair, which is the cable used for that network. Read Here: Interview Questions and Answers. Question What is the advantage of address sharing? Answer: By using address translation instead of routing, address sharing provides an inherent security benefit.

Its main task is to automatically assign an IP address to devices across the network. It first checks for the next available address not yet taken by any device, then assigns this to a network device. It uses the fundamental packet delivery services offered by UDP. It uses the services offer by TCP and so is reliable and secure. It establishes two connections virtual circuits between the hosts, one for data transfer and another for control information.

Question Explain rule? Answer: In a Ethernet network, between any two points on the network ,there can be no more than five network segments or four repeaters, and of those five segments only three of segments can be populated. Question What is autonomous system? Answer: It is a collection of routers under the control of a single administrative authority and that uses a common Interior Gateway Protocol.

Question Define Encoder? Answer: A device or program that uses predefined algorithms to encode, or compress audio or video data for storage or transmission use. A circuit that is used to convert between digital video and analog video. Question Define Decoder? Answer: A device or program that translates encoded data into its original format e.

The term is often used in reference to MPEG-2 video and sound data, which must be decoded before it is output. Answer: If the message is sent from a source to a single destination node, it is called Unicasting. This is typically done in networks. If the message is sent from a source to a any of the given destination nodes.

This is used a lot in Content delivery Systems where we want to get content from any server. If the message is sent to some subset of other nodes, it is called Multicasting. Used in situation when there are multiple receivers of same data. Like video conferencing, updating something on CDN servers which have replica of same data. If the message is sent to all the nodes in a network it is called Broadcasting.

Question What are layers in OSI model?

Networking Interview Questions

A Tell me something about yourself. Tell about your eductaion, place you belong to, some struggle in life which shows that you have positive attitude and will to fight the odds. It refers to the connection between computers and other network devices that are located within a small physical location. What could be the maximum length of the LAN cable? What is a cross cable? A central component of the Windows platform, Active Directory directory service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments.

Network Engineer Interview Questions and Answers. 1) What is a Link? 2) What are the layers of the OSI reference model? 3) What is the backbone network? 4) What is a LAN? 5) What is a node? 6) What are routers? 7) What is a point to point link? 8) What is anonymous FTP?

data communication and networking exam questions and answers pdf

These computers are linked together. The most common types of networks are:. Basically, the network is a connection made through the connecting links between two or more devices.

A list of top frequently asked networking interview questions and answers are given below. Network topology specifies the layout of a computer network. It shows how devices and cables are connected to each other.

IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Networking interview questions and answers with Explanation. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. View the solution for the problems with feel and good user interface; easily go through all questions and answers.

networking interview questions and answers

Getting a job in computer networking requires a specific skillset and background.

ED Jobs M. Com Jobs B. Sc Jobs B. E Jobs Ph. In this technological world, there cannot be anyone who has never used the internet.

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