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Problem: Breast cancer is the most common form of malignancy affecting women worldwide. It is also the leading cancer in females in Cyprus, with approximately new cases diagnosed annually. Women with fungating breast cancer wounds experience problems with exudate management, discharge, odour, pain, bleeding, and itching. Treatment of fungating wounds is often symptomatic and very traumatic for the patient. Year I started to use polymeric membrane dressings PMDs on these wounds with remarkable outcomes.

The Microbiome, Malignant Fungating Wounds, and Palliative Care

Language: English German. The management of fungating, malignant wounds is a challenge for the palliative care team. Open, malodorous, poorly healing lesions are obvious signs of underlying disease. In addition, pain and functional impairment remind the patients of their incurable illness. A multidimensional approach is necessary to meet the needs of these patients and to improve quality of life. Although achieving wound closure is rarely a realistic goal, modern techniques of wound management can help to minimize odours and exudates.

John M. He has been somewhat of a loner since the death of his wife, and his sister visits him regularly to fill that void. During the past couple of months she has noticed that John has had no appetite, has lost weight, and has had a meaningful decline in function. She visits more frequently, bringing meals and trying to encourage him to eat. He attributes it to his poor housekeeping and hygiene. She visits today and finds John in his bed, unkempt, very weak, and unable to get up on his own.

Jump to navigation. Fungating wounds sometimes occur in people with advanced cancer. Care usually aims to slow down disease progression, and improve quality of life by relieving the physical symptoms caused by the wounds leakage, bad smell, pain and the risk of haemorrhage by means of appropriate dressings and other applied treatments. There is also weak evidence to suggest that foam dressings containing silver may be effective in reducing bad smell. There is very little evidence in this area of medicine, however, and what there is is insufficient to give clear directions to practice for improving quality of life or managing wound symptoms in people with fungating wounds. More research is needed in this area.

Managing Fungating Wounds

Malignant fungating tumors are neoplastic tumors associated with skin ulcers, which are susceptible to microbial colonization. Bacterial infection and proliferation may lead to malodor causing distress to patients. Metronidazole—an effective agent against anaerobes—may contribute to deodorization and improvement in quality of life QOL. This study investigated the efficacy and safety of topical metronidazole 0. Subjects applied metronidazole 0.

Presentation of malignant fungating wounds often occurs in the last 6 months of life and therefore become symbols of impending death for patients and their families. Due to the incurable and severe nature of these wounds, patients require palliative care until death to minimize pain and suffering. Symptoms associated with these chronic wounds include malodor, pain, bleeding, necrosis, large amounts of exudate, increased microbial growth, and more. Limited research using culture-based techniques has been conducted on malignant fungating wounds and therefore no optimal approach to treating these wounds has been established. Despite limited data, associations between the cutaneous microbiome of these wounds and severity of symptoms have been made. The presence of at least one strain of obligate anaerobic bacteria is linked with severe odor and exudate.

Topical agents and dressings for fungating wounds (ulcers caused by cancer)

Occurrence and management of neoplastic wounds in women with advanced breast cancer. To characterize the socio-demographic profile of women with breast cancer who present neoplastic wounds, and to identify the dressings used most for treating these wounds. This study has a quantitative approach, is cross-sectional and retrospective. The data was collected through a review of hospital records of women with breast cancer in the period

A review of the literature on the management of malignant fungating wounds revealed insufficient studies from which to develop guidelines for best practice.

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Managing fungating wounds can be challenging for nurses, especially in terms of implications for patients and of quality of care. These wounds can spread rapidly, either as a primary, metastatic or recurrent malignancy, and are often associated with breast or head and neck cancers. The physical and psychological impact of the wound on day-to-day living can be enormous, with subsequent quality of life issues. Malodour, offensive exudate, pain and discomfort, infection, and bleeding are some of the problems experienced by patients. Oozing wounds cause anxiety about seepage. They can prevent women from wearing feminine clothes and can effect some people's need for physical closeness and sexual intimacy. Holistic psychosocial support of patients and families is required along with physical care.

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The Microbiome, Malignant Fungating Wounds, and Palliative Care

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