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Every entrepreneur knows that productivity is one of the key ingredients for successful product development. Robert G. Cooper as a result of comprehensive research on reasons why products succeed and why they fail.

Many companies approach product development as if it were manufacturing, trying to control costs and improve quality by applying zero-defect, efficiency-focused techniques. While this tactic can boost the performance of factories, it generally backfires with product development. The process of designing products is profoundly different from the process of making them, and the failure of executives to appreciate the differences leads to several fallacies that actually hurt product-development efforts. In this article, the authors, an HBS professor and a consultant, expose these misperceptions and others.

Developing New Services: Improving the Process Makes it Better

Examines the development of new services in service organizations, which has often been incomplete and has resulted in the needs of the marketplace remaining unsatisfied. Considers the findings of a study comparing the process of new service development in different service industries. Reports on how development may be improved and offers a model allowing greater input from the service recipients. Bowers, M. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.

Also, it has to include other specific elements like providing customer services. New product is the result of a creative and unique idea that is able to make consumers satisfied. In the process of new product development, it should not be thought that the change will only be on product physically but also on every aspect of the product. The difference between ideas increases production of different goods. Establishment of new product development NPD departments and their direct influence in the production process is crucial for businesses. They can determine demand and needs of consumers by applying different theories.

Developing New Products and Services

Traditional market research techniques are applied to developing incremental updates on existing products. The development may take a horizontal path to like products or a vertical path to make premium or budget versions of one line. However, market research may suggest breakthrough products that pose a larger market risk but can equal unprecedented results. This chapter concentrates all of these options and defines the marketer's role in each. This chapter can be used alone or in concert with other Harvard Business School Press chapters grouped together into learning clusters.

Developing New Products and Services by Sanders is an outstanding contribution to market research. The book focuses on the upfront activities and ideas for new product and service development. Formats Available. PDF; Online.

Developing New Products and Services: The Marketer's Role

But however your business chooses to break down the different phases that lead from ideation to launch, there is a real need to develop a systematic approach to product development. Many of the high tech businesses that we work with adopt an NPD approach that breaks down into seven stages. Customer requirements and innovative functionality design ideas are floated and explored freely to find compelling potential solutions that answer an identified market need. During this phase, the project team reviews product design concepts. They then select the design that best fulfils the previously defined user requirements.

The product development process encompasses all steps needed to take a product from concept to market availability. This includes identifying a market need, researching the competitive landscape, conceptualizing a solution, developing a product roadmap, building a minimum viable product, etc. But this process is not strictly a product management function. Product development requires the work and input of many teams across a business, including:. Product managers act as the strategic directors of the development process.

Six Myths of Product Development

Companies use a range of internal and external sources to identify new product ideas. A SWOT analysis might suggest strengths in existing products that could be the basis for new products or market opportunities. Research might identify market and customer trends. For example, 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver invented Post-It Notes in a failed experiment to create a super-strong adhesive.

Publisher: Saylor Foundation. Reviewed by S. Excellent; wonderful coverage of real world case studies read more.

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8 Step Process Perfects New Product Development

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