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Definition: The transistor in which one p-type material is placed between two n-type materials is known as NPN transistor.

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PNP Transistor

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There are many types of transistors in use. Each transistor is specialized in its application. The main classification is as follows. Let us have a look at the BJTs. This BJT is nothing but a normal transistor. Usually NPN transistor is preferred for the sake of convenience.

Different Types of Transistors and Their Functions

Transistor , semiconductor device for amplifying, controlling, and generating electrical signals. Deeply embedded in almost everything electronic, transistors have become the nerve cells of the Information Age. There are typically three electrical leads in a transistor, called the emitter, the collector, and the base—or, in modern switching applications, the source, the drain, and the gate.

In this tutorial, we will learn about the classification and different Types of Transistors. The Transistor became an essential component in modern electronics and we cannot imagine the World without Transistors. Transistor is a semiconductor device which is used to amplify the signals as well as in switching circuits. Generally transistor is made of solid material which contains three terminals such as emitter E , Base B and Collector C for connections with other components in the circuit. Some transistors contains fourth terminal also i.

NPN Transistor

Types of transistor

The transistor is an active component and that is establishing all over electronic circuits. They are used as amplifiers and switching apparatus. As the amplifiers, they are used in high and low level, frequency stages, oscillators, modulators, detectors, and in any circuit need to perform a function.

This page covers practical matters such as precautions when soldering and identifying leads. Transistors amplify current , for example they can be used to amplify the small output current from a logic IC so that it can operate a lamp, relay or other high current device. In many circuits a resistor is used to convert the changing current to a changing voltage, so the transistor is being used to amplify voltage. A transistor may be used as a switch either fully on with maximum current, or fully off with no current and as an amplifier always partly on. The amount of current amplification is called the current gain , symbol h FE one of many parameters for transistors, each with their own symbol.

Junction FET transistors are classified into N-channel JFET and P-channel JFET depending on their function. MOSFET transistors are classified.

Definition: The transistor in which one n-type material is doped with two p-type materials such type of transistor is known as PNP transistor. The small amount of base current controlled both the emitter and collector current. The PNP transistor has two crystal diodes connected back to back. The left side of the diode in known as the emitter-base diode and the right side of the diode is known as the collector-base diode. The hole is the majority carriers of the PNP transistors which constitute the current in it.

A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical power.

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Classification and Different Types of Transistors | BJT, FET, NPN, PNP

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