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Almost all Western Christians avoid using this word for the Supreme Being, as, in their culture, it is too strongly associated with Islam—and Christians and Muslims do not really worship the same god and the two religions are radically different in many crucial ways.

By distinguishing the two, readers will see a key messianic thread running into the New Testament. After his death, his disciples went to fellow Jews, "preaching peace through Yeshua Messiah— he is Lord of all " Acts With Greeks, the message was the same: they were "preaching the Lord Yeshua " Acts Yeshua as "Lord" was also a central teaching of Saul of Tarsus Paul the apostle. Paul too urged people to "confess with your mouth: Yeshua is Lord " Rom

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Learn Hebrew. Printer-Friendly PDF. Isaiah There is no other Mediator before the Father and no other Name given to mankind for salvation Acts Luke ; Acts Luke ; Rom.

Though most commonly associated with Iran historically known as Persia in the West [7] , especially the Achaemenid and Sasanian Empires , the title was originally introduced during the Middle Assyrian Empire by king Tukulti-Ninurta I reigned — BC and was subsequently used in a number of different kingdoms and empires, including the aforementioned Persia, various Hellenic kingdoms, Armenia , Georgia and Ethiopia. The title is commonly seen as equivalent to that of Emperor , both titles outranking that of king in prestige, stemming from the medieval Byzantine emperors who saw the Shahanshahs of the Sasanian Empire as their equals. The last reigning monarchs to use the title of Shahanshah , those of the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran — , also equated the title with "Emperor". In Islam, both the terms King of Kings and as the Persian variant Shahanshah are condemned, particularly in Sunni hadith. In Ancient India , Sanskrit language words such as Chakravarti , Rajadhiraja , Maharadhiraja are among the words that were used for employing the title of the King of Kings. With the formation of the Middle Assyrian Empire , the Assyrian rulers installed themselves as kings over an already present system of kingship in these city-states, becoming literal "kings of kings". Boastful titles claiming ownership of various things were common throughout ancient Mesopotamian history.

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Question: "What does it mean that Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords? The other three Ezra ; Ezekiel ; Daniel refer to either Artaxerxes or Nebuchadnezzar, kings who used the phrase to express their absolute sovereignty over their respective realms Persia and Babylon. The phrase lord of lords is used by itself in Scripture twice and refers to God the Father Deuteronomy ; Psalm The title indicates someone who has the power to exercise absolute dominion over all His realm. In the case of the Lord Jesus, the realm is all of creation.

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Jesus is none other than YHVH-God in the flesh. A table of references Printer-​Friendly PDF Lord of Lords. YHVH. Yeshua King of Kings. YHVH. Yeshua.

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    He is "Lord of lords" (Deut ; Ps ) and "Lord of all the earth" (Jos , will overcome them because he is Lord [sg. kurios] of lords and King of kings.

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