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All Dead (बंद) Mobile Phone व Smartphone की Faults Probelms को Fix Repair कैेसे करें

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We appreciate all the course authors who provided relevant information during the design and development of this course. In particular, we want to thank the following: 1. A mobile cell phone is a hand held mobile device that can perform several communication functions.

Mobile technology has become one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Today people use mobile phones to stay in touch with friends and family, to share stories and photographs in social media, and to carry out financial transactions.

This widespread ownership and use of mobile phones has created a need for professionals who can repair and service mobile phones. This course has been developed to address that need. The course targets people who would like to start and run a mobile repair and servicing business.

By the end of this course you should be able to disassemble and assemble a mobile phone, diagnose the problem, service and repair a mobile phone with the help of proper tools and instruments. This course is provided through distance learning and we trust that you will find the material useful both for studying and as future reference. We welcome your feedback on any issue relating to this course and wish you all the best.

Happy Learning! What is a mobile phone? A mobile phone is a handheld device that allows you to make and receive telephone calls while you move around a wide geographical area.

A mobile phone also supports several other functions, such as text messaging, email and internet access, photography, money transfer, banking, and so on. Types of Mobile Phones There are many different types of mobile phones available in the market. Which ones do you know? Take 2 minutes to think about it and then complete the following activity.

Activity 1: Types of mobile phones 3 minutes List at least 4 types of mobile phones in the space provided below. However, in most cases they are classified on the basis of their form factor. What is a form factor?

A form factor refers to the size, style, and shape of a mobile phone, as well as to the layout and position of the phone's major components. Let us look at each form in further detail starting with the bar phone. The Bar Phone A bar phone is also known as the slab, block, or slate phone. The name is derived from the rough resemblance to a candy bar in size and shape, see Figure 1 below. Figure 1: A bar phone The Touch screen Phone A touch screen, or slate phone is a subset of the bar form.

Like the tablet computer, a touchscreen phone has minimal buttons and instead relies on an electronic visual display known as a touch screen. Figure 2: Touch screen phone Figure 2 shows a picture of a touchscreen phone. The hinges allow the phone to flip open and fold to close in order to become more compact. When flipped open, the phone's speaker and microphone are placed closer to the operator's ear and mouth, thereby improving usability. Figure 3: A flip phone The Slider Phone A slider or slide phone is composed of usually two, but sometimes more, sections that slide past each other on rails.

It usually has a display segment which houses the speaker and screen, while the segment that slides in and out contains the keypad or keyboard. The sliding form factor allows the owner to take advantage of a full key board without sacrificing portability. Figure 4 Figure 4: A slider phone shows a picture of a slider phone. We hope you now understand the various types of mobile phones.

Let us now look at the potential hazards that are associated the repair of a mobile phone. Therefore, as you embark on mobile phone repair, you should be aware of all the potential hazards and how to prevent them.

What is a hazard? A hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm to yourself or those around you. Write down the meaning of the terms in the following activity. Activity 2: Meaning of terms associated with hazards 5minutes Write the meaning of the terms in the left hand column Term Meaning Flammable Corrosive Toxic Fumes Compare your answers with those given at the end of this course.

Let us now look at the various types of hazards that you could encounter when repairing or maintaining a mobile phone? These are listed in Table 1 together with the preventive actions that you could take to avoid them. Table 1: Potential hazards during mobile phone repair and their prevention Hazard Preventive Actions Burns Use of well insulated tools Use of gloves Keeping the soldering iron in the right place Unplugging equipment when not in use Pricks by sharp objects Appropriate storage of equipment Proper disposal of sharp objects Use of appropriate tools and equipment Environmental pollution Proper disposal of electronic wastes Trailing electrical cables Make sure electrical equipment is unplugged while not in use Safe storage of cables Falls Keep all tools, bins etc.

It is important for you to know the parts and understand their functions so that you can easily diagnose and solve problems. How many parts of a mobile phone do you know? Take a minute to think about it and then complete the following activity.

Activity 3: Parts of a mobile phone. A conventional mobile phone is made up of many parts. Table 2 below explains the functions of the main parts. Table 2: Parts of a mobile phone and their functions Parts of a mobile cell phone Functions Used for inputting or entering data into the phone. Stores the software and other programs installed in the Flash IC mobile phone Charging IC Takes the current from the charger and charges the battery CPU Controls all sections of a mobile phone Receives and transmit radio frequencies and helps the Antenna phone to connect to the cellular network Figure 5 below shows a printed circuit board PCB of a mobile phone showing the different internal parts.

As you can see from this diagram the PCB is divided into two parts, the network section and the power section. The network section controls the incoming and outgoing phone calls, while the power section controls the memory and power related functions of the phone. Figure 5: Parts of a mobile phone We hope you now know the different parts of a mobile phone and their functions.

Make sure that you learn them well and are be able to locate them easily before you move on to the next section. Let us now look at the tools that you need to repair mobile phones. It is important to select the best tool that enables you to repair the phone easily and comfortably.

Before you continue reading complete the following activity. Activity 4: Factors to consider when choosing mobile repair tools 5 minutes List three factors that you would you consider when choosing mobile phone repair tools? Factors to Consider When Choosing Mobile Phone Repair tools When selecting tools and equipment for repairing mobile cell phones, you should consider the following factors: 1. Cost 2. Brand 3. Availability 5.

Suitability Tools for Mobile Phone Repair Below are the tools and equipment needed for mobile phone repair. Soldering Iron: Used to solder small components like capacitor, resistor, diode, transistor, regulator, speaker, microphone, display etc. A 50 watt soldering iron is good enough for most mobile phones repairing job.

Figure 6: Soldering iron 2. Figure 7: PCB holder 3. Solder Wire: used to solder electronic components, ICs or jumpers. Figure 8: Solder wire 4. Jumper Wire: This is a thin laminated or coated copper wire used to jumper from one point to another on the track of a mobile phone during repair.

Figure Jumper wire 6. Point Cutter: It is used for cutting Figure Point cutter 7. Blade Cutter: This is used to remove lamination from jumper wire. It can also be used for several other purposes.

Figure Blade cutter 8. Nose Cutter: this is used for cutting. Figure Nose Cutter 9. Precision Screwdriver: It is used to remove and tighten screws while assembling and dissembling a mobile phone.

Precision screwdrivers of sizes T4, T5, T6 and forehead are good for most mobile repairing job. Figure Precision screwdriver Tweezers: These are needed to hold electronic components, ICs, jumper wire etc. Brush: These are used for cleaning the PCB of a mobile phone when it is being repaired. It is important to buy only ESD-Safe cleaning brushes. Figure Brushes Multimeter: an electronic measuring device that has the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance.

It is used to test and check the readings of various parts and components of a mobile phone. Figure Digital Multimeter Source: commons.

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You are incredibly kind to provide so much important and critical information. Thank you. I would be greatful to receive a pdf. Most commendable work you have done for many aspiring persons and they will be highly benefited. Salute to you. Assalamu'alaikum, May the Almighty Allah bless your endeavours

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Course Detail View All Courses. Posted: 2 days ago Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course you will be able to: Identify different types of mobile cell phones Recognise potential hazards in the repair of mobile cell phones Identify the parts of a mobile cell phone Use the correct hardware tools to repair mobile cell phones Assembly and disassembly a mobile cell phone Identify mobile Posted: 2 days ago mobile repair course pdf Special mobile phone repair course free help Australia and Canadian learners. Posted: 3 days ago This mobile repairing course books pdf is designed for the help who love to repair any type of mobile phones at home without going to the shop or service centers you do not have to spend a lot of money to repair your favorite phone by studying this mobile repair training PDF. The demand for mobile phones has rapidly increased the need for Mobile Service Engineer.

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Anywhere, Anytime. We being offer all-in-one mobile repair courses for smartphones, android, blackberry, windows and many others. Experienced and certified instructors help students in enhancing their technical knowledge about working of different mobiles. We also provide ebook for learning offline Repairing especially for the students who are unable to attend the regular classes. The outline of this course is as follows:-Introduction to tablet manufacturing,Introduction and understanding of functioning of operating system,Introduction and understanding of functioning of processor,Block Diagram,Use of multi meter, resistor, capacitor, diode, transistor and transformer,Component soldering and desoldering,Replacing of components,Repair of display and touch screen,Introduction to parts of tablets,Finding and fixing of faults,Battery testing and repair charging faults,Installation, changing, upgrading and downgrading of operating systems,Installation of driver,Installation of application,Troubleshooting of operating systems and application software,Locking and unlocking.

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Mobile repairing is an evergreen smartphone industry nowadays and source of self employed occupation and part time self employed in India.

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