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What is the difference between Canvas and SVG graphics? What are web workers and why do we need them?

Prepare well for your job interview by using these questions and answers. Defines content tangentially related to the content surrounding it, such as related reading links and glossaries, which may or not be nested within an article element. An input tag can take some attributes based on the requirement. The word MathML Mathematical Markup Language is a markup language, that is used to show the scientific and mathematical expression on the web.

CSS Interview Questions

It is a simple yet advanced design language aimed to simplify the process of making web pages more presentable. We will discuss a set of most interviewer asked CSS3 interview questions further here for your acknowledgment. Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked CSS3 interview questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies. Users can set multiple effects to a portion separated by commas.

In every industry, the use of websites and web applications is increasing day by day, and CSS is an essential part to build attractive websites. Following is a list of CSS3 interview questions and answers, which are frequently asked during the interview or viva exam. Candidates are likely to be asked basic to advanced level CSS interview questions and answers depending on various factors. The below list covers all the important CSS3 questions for freshers and experienced professionals. This CSS interview questions guide will help you clear the interview and help you get your dream job. It is a styling language which is simple enough for HTML elements. It is a pre-planned libraries, which allows easier and more standards-compliant webpage styling, using CSS language.

HTML5 Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download For Freshers & Experienced

The way you declare which elements the styles should apply to. There are different kinds of selectors:. Class : The most commonly used selector. There can be more than 1 element with the same classname. ID : Use this sparingly.

Following is a list of CSS3 interview questions and answers, which are frequently Click here to download these CSS interview questions PDF.

Html5 and css3 interview questions and answers pdf Freelancers or Jobs

A list of top frequently asked CSS interview questions and answers are given below. It is a popular styling language which is used with HTML to design websites. More details It is a language that defines markup languages.

40 important HTML 5 Interview questions with answers

SVG images can be created and edited with any text editor SVG images can be searched, indexed, scripted, and compressed SVG images are scalable SVG images can be printed with high quality at any resolution SVG images are zoomable and the image can be zoomed without degradation. You can attach JavaScript event handlers for an element. In SVG, each drawn shape is remembered as an object.

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    When the animation is created in the keyframe, bind it to a selector, otherwise, the animation will have no effect.

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