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An information system is a formal process for collecting data, processing the data into information, and distributing that information to users. The purpose of an accounting information system AIS is to collect, store, and process financial and accounting data and produce informational reports that managers or other interested parties can use to make business decisions. Although an AIS can be a manual system, today most accounting information systems are computer-based. Because an AIS stores and provides such valuable business information, reliability is vitally important.

Accounting Information Systems SECOND EDITION

An accounting information system AIS involves the collection, storage, and processing of financial and accounting data used by internal users to report information to investors , creditors , and tax authorities. It is generally a computer-based method for tracking accounting activity in conjunction with information technology resources. An accounting information system contains various elements important in the accounting cycle. Although the information contained in a system varies among industries and business sizes, a typical AIS includes data relating to revenue , expenses , customer information, employee information, and tax information. Specific data includes sales orders and analysis reports, purchase requisitions, invoices, check registers, inventory, payroll, ledger, trial balance, and financial statement information. An accounting information system must have a database structure to store information.

Information Systems Audit and Control Major

An accounting information system AIS is a structure that a business uses to collect, store, manage, process, retrieve, and report its financial data so it can be used by accountants, consultants, business analysts, managers, chief financial officers CFOs , auditors, regulators, and tax agencies. An accounting information system is a way of tracking all accounting and business activity for a company. Accounting information systems generally consist of six primary components: people, procedures and instructions, data, software, information technology infrastructure, and internal controls. Below is a breakdown of each component in detail. The people in an AIS are the system users. An AIS helps the different departments within a company work together.

It enhances opportunities for learning about AIS and its day-to-day operation and is written for the business or accounting major required to take an AIS course. Keeping the undergraduate accounting student in mind, this textbook focuses on the business processes and the related controls, as well as the essential topics of ethics and corporate governance. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Find Book. Author s Andrea B.

Accounting Information Systems for Decision Making

An accounting as an information system AIS is a system of collecting, storing and processing financial and accounting data that are used by decision makers. An accounting information system is generally a computer-based method for tracking accounting activity in conjunction with information technology resources. The resulting financial reports can be used internally by management or externally by other interested parties including investors , creditors and tax authorities.

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Accounting information systems AIS are collections of activities from organizations that are responsible for providing financial information obtained from data transactions for computer-based reporting purposes. Whereas the Management Control System MCS is a system used by management including methods, procedures, and strategies to collect, analyze information, evaluate and use it, as well as other actions to exercise control. The explanation above shows that information accounting information and additional information is needed by management to control in the company.

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Course Description The practicing accountant should have a thorough knowledge of the processes within an accounting system. Otherwise, it would not be possible to create a system of controls, write procedures, understand where errors are originating, or develop new systems.

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