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Computer languages assist us in getting the results that are difficult to obtain manually. These high-level languages operate on a defined structure of commands. A loop is a command that tends to repeat itself to obtain the desired result.

In this tutorial, you will learn to create while and do

Loops are one of the basic building blocks for creating programs. There are times when we wish to execute the statements more than once, in which case loops are used. A loop is a sequence of instruction that iterates a statement based on certain conditions and then executes block or blocks of code repeatedly until the condition is satisfied. A loop allows us to write short pieces of code that runs multiple times rather than writing one long set of instructions to accomplish a task. Loop helps run a shorter piece of instruction a number of times, which gives your program greater versatility in working in the real world.

C while and do...while Loop

Documentation Help Center. An expression is true when its result is nonempty and contains only nonzero elements logical or real numeric. Otherwise, the expression is false. Use a while loop to calculate factorial Count the number of lines of code in the file magic. Skip blank lines and comments using a continue statement. Sum a sequence of random numbers until the next random number is greater than an upper limit.

The Objective-C for loop described previously works well when you know in advance how many times a particular task needs to be repeated in a program. There will, however, be instances where code needs to be repeated until a certain condition is met, with no way of knowing in advance how many repetitions are going to be needed to meet that criteria. To address this need, Objective-C provides the while loop yet another construct inherited by Objective-C from the C Programming Language. Essentially, the while loop repeats a set of tasks until a specified condition is met. The while loop syntax is defined follows:. For example:.

Difference Between while and do-while Loop

A Loop executes the sequence of statements many times until the stated condition becomes false. A loop consists of two parts, a body of a loop and a control statement. The control statement is a combination of some conditions that direct the body of the loop to execute until the specified condition becomes false. The purpose of the loop is to repeat the same code a number of times. Types of Loops in C Depending upon the position of a control statement in a program, looping in C is classified into two types: 1. Entry controlled loop 2.

These statements are commonly called loops. Here, the main difference between a while loop and do while loop is that while loop check condition before iteration of the loop. On the other hand, the do-while loop verifies the condition after the execution of the statements inside the loop. Furthermore, the while loop is known as the entry-controlled loop. Conversely, the do while loop is called the exit controlled loop.

Difference between while and do while in C. while is pre-test loop, do-while is post-test loop. while execute 0-N times, do-while 1-N times.

Objective-C Looping with do and while Statements

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. What is the difference between while loop and do while loop. I used to think both are completely same.

Previously you have learned about while loop and do while loop in C. Now, we will see the basic difference between while and do while with example. Prerequisites:- while loop in C programming do-while loop in C programming.

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Content: while Loop Vs do-while Loop

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