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Teaching is a profession in which you must be well qualified and must have good knowledge regarding the particular subject which would make it easy for you to deliver the lectures. Hence due to this the examination for the lecture position is a bit difficult. But in our article, we provide you the SSB Previous Question Paper along the sample model papers which would help you in knowing the pattern of questions along with the division of the marks which is necessary during the preparation period.

Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Download PDF

Below are few questions which you may face during your SSB Interview. If you have any doubt please mention it in the comment box. You have to speak in English only but if you think is you want to say something in Hindi because you can express it much clearly then go for it, but mostly speak in English.

Please explain me. Few more difficult questions which I faced sir.. When did u had a fight last time? When did u had argument with ur father,mother or sister? When did u fought ur sister last time? Did u ever bunk? All the question except the last one is just to check your behavior in the family and society, I guess its sounds a normal question but you should answer then wisely.

Shrey They just want to see how was your behavior with your teachers and mentors. Never say that you hate someone just because that teacher scolded you or for any other reason… because again you will be going through tough training and again your bad and negative thinking about your trainers and mentors will come up there.. So they do not want that thing. Can u plz tell me some tricky questions asked by the assessor and how to tackle them.. First of all do not think that repeaters are not considered equally as Fresher, apparently repeaters have more chance.

They will ask you about your opinion regarding your past performance, they just want to see whether or not you have the capability to judge your self and your performance in the past attempts. So just think about your performance and tell them where you were lacking earlier and what sort of measures you have taken to perform better in future.

Do not think that your 7 attempts are obstacles for you, I would say you have more chance because you have faced it many times. In other words they want to know how can you judge you past performance, one who can judge his own performance can improve. When ever you are asked about you past performance never feel sad, keep smiling and show that you still have the courage and determination to face the challenge and tell them where are you lacking and how did you practice to improve your weaknesses.

Do you think it will be a bad idea to say this to the IO? Shery its like blaming others.. There is a way to say the same thing…you could say that there were no proper planning in the group member earlier so we were not performing well in GTO series, but this time I had a proper planning with my group members and we you to talk in the free time regarding to know each others strength and weaknesses..

ADMIN: What is the assessor looking for when he asks a candidate abt his daily routine n also the pocket money n the expenditures?? Daily routine is to know what you do most of the time and in free time specially, how you utilize it and all similar stuff, pocket money is also same, like where do you spend.

Admin: How does the board decide if a candidate has put up a better performance than the previous ssb? If you are getting recommend then obviously you have done better than your last performance…. Admin: It is generally said that the assessors match the present performance with the previous one for a repeater.. Admin: As requested earlier by me, plz give me some instance of some easy looking but tricky questions asked during the interview and also tell me how to tackle them…I have ssb coming up shortly, plz help me out..

Shery what ever the questioned mentioned above are sufficient, IO may ask any thing and that depends on the IO only so just try to get the details about you , your family and friend is sufficient. And the questions are not difficult its common but you should respond to them wisely after thinking.

Admin in my previous ssb, during the PGT all the members were just speaking of their own and nobody was listening to other. When others shout you try to make them calm and tell them to apply every bodies idea one by one, also you think of your own idea show them how to do. GTO is judging you so he should see you working in the group and coming out with good ideas.. Fools just yell but clever thinks and do…. Snake race is a group task like other, but its a kind of war situation, so what are you suppose to do in war time???

They need a original answer and not something which sounds artificial, so think of it and you can say as many as point you want to say. Yes it depends on type of commission , your educational qualifications , number of courses you have completed successfully and many more things. I know that swimming is compulsory for a trainee at the Indian Naval Academy. Is it compulsory for me to know swimming before the ssb interview or can I learn swimming before joining the naval academy,if selected?

You are really doing a great job sharing your knowledge and expertise with others who have fire in their bellies for the Indian Defence Sector. Thank you for providing wonderful insights on Projection Techniques. Looking forward to a good time with you. Most of the question will be the same and they will ask you about your past performance and improvement.

What shud be my ans if put up the same ques??. Could it help me?? Can anyone share me NCC Related questions as i forget all…. These type of questions.

Hello admin… its a wonderful post , this will surely him me a lot, i want know regarding interview that what is generally the FIRST question that is being asked by the interviewer to a candidate. Sir , also want to know, i am pass out , completed B. Sir do we need to sit for the written exam again CDS if we do not crack the Interview for the 1st time.?? Lame excuse , say you were not aware of such opportunity at that time and was more concerned towards other competitive exams.

Sir what could be a better answer for this question. What explanations should be given. Sir, First of all, thank you very much for this website. I appreciate your contribution in helping candidates in joining forces. I thank you also for sparing your time for guiding everyone and sharing your knowledge.

Tell the reason why you want to be in defence, tell the actual feelings of your and tell them that you deserve to be in it. They just check whether you lie or not, because these are common questions and one should tell the truth and speak normally. Yes, you are not a kid, be mature and be practice in life. One must have good judgement quality.

I have benefited a lot from this website. This will clear the conflict of IO. You can tell the day today events which helps you to learn something good, so that your answer will remains original and correct. Piyu: Yes you can admit whatever shortcomings you had last time, but make sure that you have improved it this time. Yes , there must be always some other option in life, it shown how well planned you are, and not blindly running for becoming defence officer.

Please improve your communications skills, try to speak with your friends or just speak to yourself in front of mirror. Please check this post : How to Face PI??

Hello sir. They asked me that have you contributed something for the society? But i have not contributed or the society then what to say??

And sir plz tell that i am born can i fill any other form in defense as an officer? If you tell me your qualifications also then I may tell you correctly regarding future opportunity.

I have this query that whether 12th percentage is taken into consideration in preparing the merit list. You can leave the WAT if you do not know the meaning , instead of writing something wrong better leave it.

For that do they refuse me or not? What can i do? Plz reply my questions.. Give me some suggessions.. Improve your English, you are not required to be excellent in English but you should be able to communicate in English. Sir dis question is always asked to me evry time…dt abt the priority of joining d defence forces…. In PI they always asks why Army is on the last??? You are more interested to join Navy that is why you are giving preference to Navy but you respect all the defence forces equally and if you get the chance to join any one of these you will.

Try to answer something real, your answer was very common, think of some more reasons and answer them. Hello admin… Can u plz tell my how to answer for the question. What does your enemy think of u? Please reply soon…. It could be anything, just keep improving in every thing, may be you are a border line case. Just analyse your performance and keep on working on them. Keep trying is the only solution. I am going to attend the interview on oct 17 in Bangalore.

So how can I prepare from day to day now onwards? Please guide me Sir. Dear Sir I have a doubt regarding the WAT If i compose a sentence with a word given and the others word of that sentence are coming up later so cane i repeat the sentence. Hats off to you!! I have few questions, please answer them.

There will be definite question on change in my preference, how should I answer them? I just wanted to join Defence,but this will be very weird answer.

Please suggest.

Free SSB Question Papers PDF

Below are few questions which you may face during your SSB Interview. If you have any doubt please mention it in the comment box. You have to speak in English only but if you think is you want to say something in Hindi because you can express it much clearly then go for it, but mostly speak in English. Please explain me. Few more difficult questions which I faced sir..

The candidates need to be prepared for the interview process as it will help them to gain self- confidence to face all the questions thrown at them in the interview. The interview has to be given in full professional mode and nowhere the personal and casual attitude has to be seen. Some general knowledge questions are asked to check the general awareness of the candidate. It is an important part of the presence of mind of every individual. The rapid fire round is being conducted so that the abilities of candidate can be judged. The questions based on normal life like-.

The interview is one of the most important parts of the SSB. The SSB interview is an interaction of a candidate with the interviewing officer about himself. The questions that are asked are related to normal life and are simple in nature, but the way of answering is the crux to crack the SSB interview. Here also the Interviewing officer is testing for the Officer Like Qualities in candidates. During the Interview, the IO Interviewing Officer should not feel that the person was faking a particular quality.

Download SSB - Question Papers with Answer Keys PDF for Free. Papers. 0. Hours. Questions. 0.

Top 13 Tricky Questions Asked In NDA SSB Interview

The whole process tests for congruency in your responses at various levels and under various responses. There have been some instances where a candidate has been asked weird questions in the interview and the conference. While he wonders why and tries to figure out the answer, the assessors test how he is approaching the answer and his attitude to reach a conclusion logically.

12 Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview [With Answers]

Post a comment. Powered by Blogger. Subscribe for Free Jobs Updates! SSB Interview Questions With Answers Dear candidates this is the most important talk for qualifying the test of interview that is questions must be prepare for the. Hey guys it is not o tough to beat the exam because it depends upon your prepared knowledge but answers given in front of interviewers is always difficult as it shows the direct interpersonal knowledge of the applicants that they are rightly eligible for a post of not. In the following section of this article large numbers of questions are available so that appliers may prepare perfectly. Now capable job seekers will be able to Download Sample Papers for better then the best preparation.

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I'm Deepak Tomar. I have completed my M. Tech in Computer Science and now i am working as a Govt. Employee in UP Police, I Love to help others and making friends, you can connect to me on facebook for any help- I will be happy to help you.

SSB interview for freshers is a golden opportunity, not because they will be assessed in a different manner, but because the procedure will be new to them. And this will make them have a relaxed attitude and will bring out their true personality. By the time you are a repeater, you will see pressure mounting on you regarding the changes you make during the subsequent attempts. We will give you some sample interview questions which you will face as a fresher through a character named Jon.

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