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What other fields of study are related to food science and how are they related to it? Food Technology- is the use of the information generated by food science in selection, preservation, processing and packaging and distribution as it effects the consumption of safe, nutritious and wholesome food. Food science is a broad discipline which contains within it many specialisations such as Food Microbiology is the study of the microbial ecology related to foods, the effect of environment on food spoilage and food manufacture, the physical, chemical and biological destruction of microorganisms in foods.

2nd Sem Food Science Notes

This leads to intense weight loss, organ damage and in serious cases, death. Animal nutrition, with emphasis on dairy cows. Fibre or roughage. Pancreatic amylase completes this digestion, by breaking down these smaller carbohydrates to their simplest form: glucose.

This arises from consuming too many saturated fats. This can lead to several diseases such as diabetes, strokes, difficulty breathing, etc. Appendix 2: Notes on tables Index Contents x. Absorption is when the broken down nutrient molecules are absorbed into the blood or lymph through the gut wall. Incisors are sharp, and are used for cutting food into small chewable pieces.

Home Notes Co-ordinated Sciences — B4. This process is stimulated by the hormone glucagon. Acts on the starch in food, breaking it down into smaller carbohydrates. These villi are covered in microvilli which are further finger like projections, as shown in the diagram. Cell Structure and Organisation Revision Notes: Fats can have very long fatty acid chains, with hundreds of C-H bonds, so are very high energy molecules. So has the description, actually!

UK Law Revision Notes. This phenomenon is referred to as rumination and the animals are called as ruminants. They also serve as good insulators against the cold! Constipation is when you are unable to defecate — which can be extremely painful. Animals are biological transformers of dietary matter and energy into high-quality foods e. If blood sugar is too low, then the liver converts glycogen to glucose, so it can be used for respiration.

Later, cud reverts to the mouth and animal chews it again slowly. This increase the amount of fat exposed to the outside increases the fat surface area , so enzymes have more area to work on and break down the fat.

Footnote — Contains general dietary advice for all people — Must be present on all food labels — Also compares a 2, calorie diet with a 2, calorie diet 46 Nutrition Facts Panel Figure 2.

Grade 12 Agricultural Science Notes Animal nutrition 1. Bile contains bile acids, also known as bile salts, that cause large fat globules to break down into microscopic globules. Fats are usually stored under the skin, and around some organs. What are the 6 classes of nutrients? The wall of the villi is only one cell thick — decreasing diffusion distance.

Eating foods with high sugar and carbohydrate content. Herbivores, such as gorillas, cows, hares, and many snails, eat mainly autotrophs plants and algae. Balanced Diet. It includes under nutrition, Submitted by Alimuddin Naseri, Afghanistan: alimuddin. The only extra features not already mentioned are these: After the absorption of glucose from the gut, the glucose is directly transported to the liver via the hepatic portal vein.

Carbohydrates can be divided into two: Starch To test for starch, use iodine solution, the colour will change from orange to blue-black if starch is present. Enzymes; 4. Water, proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals 3. Visit your dentist at least once every 6 months.

The stomach is an organ containing gastric juices mainly hydrochloric acid and protease enzymes. Saliva contains salivary amylase — an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates chemical digestion. Substrate — starch and carbohydrates polysaccharides.

English for kids. They will be replaced shortly. Premolars: These have a flat surface, and are used to chew and grind food. An animal is feed on food material containing minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The stomach also churns the food in it.

Say hello to another self-explanatory point! We apologise for the inconvenience, but hope that the new images will provide you with an even better learning experience. Obesity arises from consuming too much food. The epithelial lining of the Ilium secretes yet more enzymes which breakdown maltose and peptides.

Plant Nutrition; 5. The small intestine is the region where digested nutrient molecules are absorbed into the blood or lymph.

They also have very long small intestine which helps in complete digestion of cellulose, the main component of grass. Chapter 41 Animal Nutrition Lecture Outline. The rectum stores faeces until it is egested. Pancreatic juices and bile stored in gall bladder are transported to the duodenum via these ducts. Plant Nutrition Revision Notes: 4.

The liver removes excess blood glucose and stores it as glycogen. Note that a lacteal is basically just a small lymphatic vessel. If you need to contact the Course-Notes. Org web experience team, please use our contact form. Genetic Evaluation: prediction of the genetic value of an animal for a trait using phenotypic measurements.

Energy is measured in kilojoules. All animals eat other organisms—dead or alive, whole or by the piece including parasites. Oni Dr Mrs R. The mouth is used for ingestion and digestion. Villi singular: villus are in-foldings or finger-like projections in the internal intestinal wall. Usual assumption: infinite number of genes, each having a very small effect. Malnutrition: - is the condition that results from an imbalance between dietary intake and requirements.

Ag and B. All animals require food for obtaining energy, growth, repair of damaged parts and functioning of the body. This cuts off or limits the supply of blood that your heart muscles receive, leading to a heart attack. Stores bile which is produced by the liver, and secretes it to the duodenum. Onwuka Dr. Nutrition Facts Panel Figure 2. The anus is the site of egestion — it has sphincter muscles that control when faeces is egested from the body.

The ileum is a site of both digestion and absorption. In Life Orientation and Naturals Sciences you would have discussed healthy diets and the correct nutrition for humans. They are harder to break down, however, so are used as a long term energy store. In general, animals fit into one of three dietary categories. Bile, produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder, contains bile acids, also known as bile salts — which emulsify fats.

Click here to go back to the Science menu. Therefore, the duodenum is a site of digestion. Below is a reminder of human nutrition — a food pyramid. Need Notes? What are some products and byproducts of animal production? To register Science Tuitions on Vedantu. Smoking or using spit smokeless tobacco. Growing children need a higher proportion of protein than adults do and pregnant woman require extra nutrients for the development of the foetus.

Sometimes, this even forms blood clots. Egestion is the removal of undigested substances from the alimentary canal, usually through the anus. Diffusion and osmosis; 3.

APH Non-Rominant contd. You will consume about 50 tons of food in your lifetime. A general term for any enzyme that breaks down fat molecules usually triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. Overview: The Need to Feed. A balanced diet should contain carbohydrate, fat, protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water.

The main function of the colon is to reabsorb the water from the undigested food.

Components of Food Class 6 Notes Science Chapter 2

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This leads to intense weight loss, organ damage and in serious cases, death. Animal nutrition, with emphasis on dairy cows. Fibre or roughage. Pancreatic amylase completes this digestion, by breaking down these smaller carbohydrates to their simplest form: glucose. This arises from consuming too many saturated fats. This can lead to several diseases such as diabetes, strokes, difficulty breathing, etc.

Skip to content Life Sciences study guide throughout the year to prepare for and pass exams. Animal Nutrition Respiration Gas Exchange Human Population. Print our Eleventh Grade Grade 11 worksheets and activities or administer as online tests. Grade Level Benchmark: 2. Nutrition and Dietetics is offered at various levels NSC Grade 11 Exemplar

Food Science & Nutrition Technology (FSNT)

As a branch of Applied Chemistry the food chemistry deals with the chemical examination and analysis of food and food components, and studies the chemical aspects of food technology. The essential aim of food chemistry is the control and the guarantee of a high and unloaded from foreign substances quality of our food, to which the consumer as the legislature imposes high quality requirements. For the assessment and analysis of food, the whole range of chemical and physical methods, as well as special examination procedure is ready. Chemistry of Food I Lecture notes. Chemistry of Food II Lecture notes.

Food Chemistry

CRFS publishes original papers and short communications - including viewpoints and perspectives - resulting from research carried out on food systems and their components.

Give introduction to aspects of food and nutrition. Know the principles involving various food preservation methods. Gain knowledge of the role of nutrition in sustaining health and preventing diseases. Understand both fundamental and applied aspects of food science.

Food Groups.

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