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Resilience thinking: integrating resilience, adaptability and transformability Published on Nov 15, in Ecology and Society 3.

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Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World

Within this context resilience is viewed as one of three integrated capacities:. Resilience — the capacity of a system to recover from stress and disturbance while retaining its essential functions, structure, feedbacks and identity; 2. Transformability — the capacity of actors to create a fundamentally new system when ecological, economic, or social structures make the existing system untenable. Resilience, adaptability and transformability all require capacity for social learning about systemic change in response to management intervention, external shocks and change within subsystems at lower and higher levels 2. This vision binds together diverse IUCN work areas such as species conservation, ecosystem restoration, governance including equity and rights, climate change adaptation, food and water security, and disaster risk reduction.

Resilience thinking

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In , Resilience Thinking addressed an essential question: As the natural systems that sustain us are subjected to shock after shock, how much can they take and still deliver the services we need from them? This idea caught the attention of both the scientific community and the general public. In Resilience Practice , authors Brian Walker and David Salt take the notion of resilience one step further, applying resilience thinking to real-world situations and exploring how systems can be managed to promote and sustain resilience. The book begins with an overview and introduction to resilience thinking and then takes the reader through the process of describing systems, assessing their resilience, and intervening as appropriate. Following each chapter is a case study of a different type of social-ecological system and how resilience makes a difference to that system in practice. The final chapters explore resilience in other arenas, including on a global scale. It offers an easy-to-read but scientifically robust guide through the real-world application of the concept of resilience and is a must read for anyone concerned with the management of systems at any scale.

It's short but will repay some extra quiet time Their goal is to get us to look at the world and its systems in a fresh new way. Full of wisdom, sophisticated science, and practical guidance, this book provides profound ideas, insights, and hope to scientists, students, managers, and planners alike. With five clear and compelling case studies drawn from regions as diverse as Florida, Sweden, and Australia, this book shows how all highly adaptive systems--from ecologies to economies--go through regular cycles of growth, reorganization, and renewal and how our failures to understand the basic principles of resilience have often led to disaster. Resilience Thinking gives us the conceptual tools to help us cope with the bewildering surprises and challenges of our new century.

Resilience Thinking. Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World. NE. BE. LED. Brian Walker & David Salt. Foreword by Walter V. Reid.

Resilience thinking: integrating resilience, adaptability and transformability

Resilience thinking: integrating resilience, adaptability and transformability Published on Nov 15, in Ecology and Society 3. Carol Folke Estimated H-index: View Paper. Add to Collection. Resilience thinking addresses the dynamics and development of complex social-ecological systems SES.

Environmental and emergency leaders are important individuals who play a vital role in managing ecological resources. Based on the resilience thinking of Walker and Salt, this study highlights aims to how resilience for adaptive management can be built by incorporating vision formation of environmental and emergency management leaders. The study addresses two research questions: What constitutes environmental and emergency leadership systems? How are the concepts of vulnerability, resilience, and adaptation relevant to the environmental and emergency management processes? The study employs two case studies and discusses how resilience leadership can be incorporated into environmental management and emergency management systems in organizations.

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Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World

It embraces human and natural systems as complex entities continually adapting through cycles of change, and seeks to understand the qualities of a system that must be maintained or enhanced in order to achieve sustainability. It explains why greater efficiency by itself cannot solve resource problems and offers a constructive alternative that opens up options rather than closing them down. In Resilience Thinking, scientist Brian Walker and science writer David Salt present an accessible introduction to the emerging paradigm of resilience.

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