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Introduction Sales and Distribution plays a prominent role in every business. So every organization has a sales and distribution department which mainly deals with all essential transactions of the company.

Answer : Partner function allows you to identify which functions partner has to be performed in the business process. Consider the simplest case, where all the customer functions are performed by partner customer.

SAP Sales and Distribution module is part of SAP Logistics module that manages customer relationship starting from raising a quotation to sales order and billing of the product or service. On the top of organization structure in SD module, sales organization is at highest level and is responsible for distribution of goods and services. SAP recommends to keep number of sales organization in organizational structure to be minimum which helps in making reporting process easy and ideally it should have a single Sales organization.

SAP SD Interview Questions And Answers

Answer : Partner function allows you to identify which functions partner has to be performed in the business process. Consider the simplest case, where all the customer functions are performed by partner customer. As these are mandate functions they have to be defined as obligatory functions in the SD system. What do you understand by Sales Order processing?

Answer: Sales order processing describes a function related to the wholesale part of organizational business. Common functions under sales order processing — Availability of the articles purchased Checking for incomplete data Checking the status of the sales transaction Calculation of pricing and taxes Schedule the deliveries of goods Printing of documents or e-transfer of documents. Name at least 5 different types of transformations used in mapping design and state the use of each?

How can a transformation be made reusable? Answer : In the edit properties of any transformation there is a checkbox to make it reusable, by checking that it becomes reusable. You can even create reusable transformations in Transformation developer. Explain what is sql override for a source table in a mapping? You can enter any SQL statement supported by your source database. You might enter your own SELECT statement, or have the database perform aggregate calculations, or call a stored procedure or stored function to read the data and perform some tasks.

What is lookup override? Answer: Ails: This feature is similar to entering a custom query in a Source Qualifier transformation. What are applets? How is it different from a Reusable Transformation? Answer: A mapplet is a reusable object that represents a set of transformations. It allows you to reuse transformation logic and can contain as many transformations as you need. You create applets in the Mapplet Designer.

How to use an oracle sequence generator in a mapping? Answer : We have to write a stored procedure, which can take the sequence name as input and dynamically generates a nextval from that sequence.

Then in the mapping, we can use that stored procedure through a procedure transformation. Where are the source flat files kept before running the session? Answer: The source flat files can be kept in some folder on the Informatica server or any ether machine, which is in its domain. It executes the business processes used in selling, shipping, and billing of product and services.

What is the difference between a Sales activity and a sales document? Answer: Sales Activity: Sales activities are categorized as Presales and post-sales — This includes when you sell material rather you do your preparation for sales with the customer… Sales Call, Phone Call, Sales Letter, and post-sales like support and relationship, etc.

Sales documents — These documents are considered under sales, where you sell the materials to the customer and are created in the SAP system to manage the sales process. Example — Sales orders, Quotations, etc.

Variant Pricing I need to have an additive price based on a variant characteristic selected and then provide a discount for each of the characteristics. I must discount the correlating characteristic, not the gross value. How do I find out how configure this? What are different sales document in SAP system? How to create a sales document? Answer: There are different types of sales document that can be defined in the SAP system —. Explain what is condition types? What is the path to define condition type in SAP for pricing?

Answer: The representation of certain aspects related to your daily pricing activities is referred to as condition types. Pricing Procedure for Industrial and Domestic Customers We have two types of customers industrial and domestic. The domestic customers have a price list. For industrial customers, the price is calculated on the basis of the percentage of the cost.

Since there is a possibility that industrial customers might also buy domestic products at any given point of time, we are forced to make one pricing procedure. Is there another solution? In the ABAP coding, you can describe all of your requirements.

We must fill it with data from first CC only. Is there any problem if the people who create orders, deliveries, and billing of second CC work at this time?

Answer: You can control the updating of infostructure at both header level and item level using IMG. If you do not want the second company code data to be updated in the info structure, do not include the sales organizations assigned to the second company code in the updating of info structure.

Explain what is the difference between milestone and periodic billing? Answer: Periodic: Full amount in each bill till the contract period Milestone : Partial amount in each bill till the full amount is billed.

Serial Numbers Where in the sale order would you enter the serial numbers for material? Answer : Serial numbers are entered on the delivery document and not a sale order, as this allows for multiple serial numbers to be entered for a single line.

For example, you may have 10 serial numbers for a quantity of Availability Check Is it possible to perform an availability check based on the plant yet exclude one storage location? Answer: You can make a storage location not available to the availability check in MM. Copying text Is it possible to copy texts from sales order header to billing document header? Customer stock in the MD04 I must create an order. In the MD04 transaction, customer requirements for the sales order are not appearing.

Why is this? With the second problem regarding MD04, you must check two things; requirements class and scheduling category. Check your document to see whether they are activated for requirement transfer. Answer: If you have SIS update turned on, you can use transaction code MTCE against infostructure to display sales by sales organization and so forth. What is an outline agreement? Answe r: Outline agreement is a long term purchasing agreement with vendor containing terms and conditions regarding the material that is supplied by the vendor.

Outline agreement is valid up to a certain period of time and covers a certain predefined quantity or value. Explain how you can assign distribution channel to Sales Organization? What is pricing in Sales and Distribution? Answer : Pricing in Sales and Distribution is used to define the calculation of prices for external vendors or customers and cost.

Condition is defined as a set of conditions when a price is calculated. Example — Consider a case when a customer orders a specific quantity of a product on a particular day. Various factors like customer, product, order quantity and date tell the final price to the customer. This information is stored in the system as master data in the form of condition records. What are the condition record and condition table? Answer: A Condition table is defined as a combination of keys to identify an individual condition record.

A condition record is defined as how the system stores the specific condition……. What are the primary functions of Sales and Distribution? What is the organizational structure in sales and distribution? Answer: The organizational structure in sales and distribution is. What are the three levels that copy controls are set up? And what are the transaction codes through which it could be done?

Answer: At three levels of sales order copy controls are set up Header level, Item level, and Schedule line level. Explain how you can include condition type in the pricing procedure? Explain what is Proforma Invoice and what are the types of it? Answe r: Proforma invoice is a reference doc for import and export negotiations. The standard proforma invoice doc types are. Mention the transaction code used to create a return delivery? Answer: There are two ways to approach this.

It will lead to a screen where you can click on a program that will take you to mod. In this program, click Find Icon and key in customer there. It will show you the user exits in that particular program. Another way is by using SPRO. There you can click on the help document and it will show all the user exits with the program name.

Select a suitable one. Then create new invoices SD and MM. The new values will be picked up if properly configured. The difference in the material value will be automatically posted to the appropriate stock account when you create the invoice in MIRO. What is condition supplement and why is it used? Answer : A condition supplement is a group of conditions that should be applied every time a certain condition is found.

Top 20 SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers

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SAP SD Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced Pdf

What are the primary functions of Sales and Distribution? SAP SD handles all the processes of order to delivery. It executes the business processes used in selling, shipping and billing of product and services. The organizational structure in sales and distribution is. Periodic: Full amount in each bill till contract period Milestone: Partial amount in each bill till full amount is billed 4 Explain how shipping point is determined?

The climbing demand for logistic management has automatically increased the popularity of SAP. The Sales Distribution module of SAP is an essential component, which is meant for recording the product data and client of a company. Moreover, it is also useful for controlling the shipping, billing, carrying and selling services as well as products. These can help the individuals to crack the interviews and get a relevant job. Here, we are sharing the top 50 on-demand questions that are proven to be beneficial for the students.

SAP SD Interview Questions

SAP SD Interview Questions

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Payment Method How can I transfer the payment method from customer master to sales order automatically? How do you define modes of transport? Answer: Shipping is defined as an important activity in the sales process. It comes under the logistic chain and guarantees customer service and distribution of goods.

Top 20 SAP SD Interview Questions & Answers. Details: Last Updated: 07 January Download PDF. 1) What is SAP SD? What are the primary functions of.

Looking for a future in sales and distribution? The rising demand for management logistics among companies has led SAP to develop several modules that focus on sales and distribution. We have prepared some frequently asked interview questions on SAP SD to help you crack the interviews. What are sap sd modules? Explain about sales support?

Top 50 SAP SD Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced

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SD (Sales and Distribution) Interview Questions
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