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What values should I use for mass- and stiffness-proportional damping?

Show all documents The height of the chimney to be constructed is about 90m and the internal diameter is about 6m. Shell thickness of chimney is about 0. An air vent is also provided to facilitate gas thrust out of the chimney. This chimney is to be analysed for both seismic effects and for wind effects. Also there is a provision for the application of Tune Mass Damper TMD and strakes to minimise the vibrations caused due to seismic forces and wind forces. Vibration Analysis of Structure using Tune Mass Damper ninth-floor and 5-floor of a ninth story constructing frame then examine the distinctive overall performance of shape with damper as much as ninth-flooring, damper up to fifth- floors and without damper of 9th-tale constructing frame the use of SAP V

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It is a seven-story building thatis seismically isolated using a friction pendulum isolation system. The model issubjected to a recorded, scaled horizontal ground acceleration history from the El Centro earthquake. See the section titled Earthquake Record later inthis example for more information. The SAP results for base shear versusLevel 1 displacement and isolator force-deformation are compared withexperimental results obtained using shake table tests. The SAP model is shown in the figures on pages 3 and 4 of this example.

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NOTE: We recommend using at least a small amount of damping for modal and direct-integration cases , even when dampers are present in the model. Damping , a property of the material and the structure, influences dynamic response. A certain type of damping is available for each type of load case. Within all load cases of a certain type, damping is applied consistently, though additional damping may be added to individual load cases. Hysteretic proportional damping , also mass- and stiffness-proportional, is used for steady-state and power-spectral-density analyses.

Aenlle, Martin Juul, R. The literature about the mass associated with a certain mode, usually denoted as the modal mass, is sparse. Moreover, the units of the modal mass depend on the technique which is used to normalize the mode shapes, and its magnitude depends on the number of degrees of freedom DOFs which is used to discretize the model. This has led to a situation where the meaning of the modal mass and the length of the associated mode shape is not well understood. As a result, normally, both the modal mass and the length measure have no meaning as individual quantities but only when they are combined in the frequency response function. In this paper, the problems of defining the modal mass and mode shape length are discussed, and solutions are found to define the quantities in such a way that they have individual physical meaning and can be estimated in an objective way.

Answer: The Additional Material Damping menu (Figure 1) allows users to specify steady-state analysis, with both mass- and stiffness-proportional damping at , As stated in the SAP Analysis Reference Manual.

Viscous damper sap 2000 tutorial pdf

NOTE: We recommend using at least a small amount of damping for modal and direct-integration caseseven when dampers are present in the model. Dampinga property of the material and the structure, influences dynamic response. A certain type of damping is available for each type of load case.

Answer: Mass- and stiffness-proportional damping , normally referred to as Rayleigh damping, is commonly used in nonlinear-dynamic analysis. Suitability for an incremental approach to numerical solution merits its use. During formulation, the damping matrix is assumed to be proportional to the mass and stiffness matrices as follows:.

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Rayleigh damping sap 2000 tutorial pdf
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    View Source · View Scaffolding XML · Export to PDF · Export to Word Answer​: Mass- and stiffness-proportional damping, normally referred to as For example, 5% damping (ξ = ) at the first natural frequency of the SAP allows users to either specify coefficients η and δ directly, or in terms of.

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    This property is proportional to mass and stiffness. damping types may be found in the CSI Analysis Reference Manual (Chapter VI: Material.

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    Answer: Using mass- and stiffness-proportional damping results in a critical damping ratio that For example, you may specify 5% damping .

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