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Part One Viscoelastic and viscoplastic modelling 1. Viscoelastic constitutive modeling of creep and stress relaxation in polymers and polymer matrix composites G. Papanicolaou and S.

The paper provides a state-of-the-art review of the current understanding regarding the long-term response of polymer-matrix composites subjected to cyclic loading conditions. Typically, under such conditions, the behavior of polymeric systems is characterized by much higher creep rates than those observed in the cases of static loading.

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Creep and Fatigue in Polymer Matrix Composites

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Creep and Fatigue in Polymer Matrix Composites, Second Edition, updates the latest research in modeling and predicting creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites. The first part of the book reviews the modeling of viscoelastic and viscoplastic behavior as a way of predicting performance and service life. Final sections discuss techniques for modeling creep rupture and failure and how to test and predict long-term creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites. Reviews the latest research in modeling and predicting creep and fatigue in polymer matrix compositesPuts a specific focus on viscoelastic and viscoplastic modeling Features the time-temperature-age superposition principle for predicting long-term responseExamines the creep rupture and damage interaction, with a particular focus on time-dependent failure criteria for the lifetime prediction of polymer matrix composite structures that are illustrated using experimental cases. Sign up to our newsletter and receive discounts and inspiration for your next reading experience. We a good story.

A Review On Fatigue And Creep Behaviour Of Aluminium Composites

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Cyclic Creep of Polymers and Polymer-Matrix Composites

Part 2 Creep rupture Fiber bundle models for creep rupture analysis of polymer matrix composites Micromechanical modelling of time-dependent failure in off-axis polymer matrix composites Time-dependent failure criteria for lifetime prediction of polymer matrix composite structures. Part 3 Fatigue modelling, characterisation and monitoring Testing the fatigue strength of fibers used in fiber-reinforced composites using fiber bundle tests Continuum damage mechanical modelling of creep damage and fatigue in polymer matrix composites Accelerated testing methodology for predicting long-term creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites Fatigue testing methods for polymer matrix composites The effect of viscoelasticity on fatigue behavior of polymer matrix composites Characterization of vicoelasticity, viscoplasticity and damage in composites Structural health monitoring of composite structures for durability. Creep is the tendency of materials to deform when subjected to long-term stress, particularly when exposed to heat. Fatigue phenomena occur when a material is subjected to cyclic loading, causing damage which may progress to failure. Both are critical factors in the long-term performance and reliability of materials such as polymer matrix composites which are often exposed to these types of stress in civil engineering and other applications. This important book reviews the latest research in modelling and predicting creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites.

The self-heating effect is a dangerous phenomenon that occurs in polymers and polymer matrix composites during their cyclic loading, and may significantly influence structural degradation and durability as a consequence. Therefore, an analysis of its criticality is highly demanding, due to the wide occurrence of this effect, both in laboratory fatigue tests, as well as in engineering practice. In order to overcome the problem of the accelerated degradation of polymer matrix structures, it is essential to evaluate the characteristic temperature values of self-heating, which are critical from the point of view of the fatigue life of these structures, i.

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behavior of polymer matrix composites. In particular, the study examines the interaction of fatigue and creep in polymer matrix composites.

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