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Abstract This report is about the recruitment and selection practice of the two organizations. Both the organizations are from pharmaceutical industry.

There are about pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. Those which are counted as multinational companies have their HR in good managerial practices, but as far as the local pharmaceutical industry is concerned, HR departments are not given due importance. Pakistani pharmaceutical industry also has very good chance of future growth, which could ultimately contribute to oval economic development.

The purpose of report is to study the recruitment and selection practices of the given two organizations. After having been thoroughly studied the prevailed practice, a comparison is made of these two organizations, and then suggestions for improvement have been made.

The results of this comparison have then been evaluated and suggestion for improvements has been made. The study revealed that these two organizations are not giving due importance and value to the HR practices, but as the focus of this study was only recruitment and selection, only this practice has been analyzed, which is also found need improvement. Most of these local pharmaceutical companies in Peshawar, are mainly focusing on the production and marketing of their products, but failing to inculcate the fact that these goals can be achieved only if there is competent human resource force.

It has also been noticed most of these companies are personally owned, and the owner are mostly concentrated with the financial benefits. This assumption has them to cut those costs which they feel not contributing to their financial benefits. The various steps involved in the recruitment and selection process like, HR forecasting of future vacancies, advertisement of jobs, different methods of recruitment, screening process, selection tests, interview, and different criterion for selection etc.

The study has recommended made recommendations at two levels. First at the organizational level, and secondly, specific to the topic, i. Suggestion at the organizational level has been made for the purpose because with these change, having a good recruitment and selection will be very difficult. Similarly stressed has been laid down on the due role of HR to be played with its core responsibilities.

Table of Contents Table of Contents Literature Review Individuals are one of the basic and most important resources, along with other physical and financial resources. A proper system to acquire, maintain and utilize this resource is essential for organization. For this purpose organizations do hiring to acquire this resource. They keep adequate human resource to fulfill their organizational requirements.

Having competent and adequate workforce enables organization to meet its goals and objectives. Z-Jans Pharmaceutical is a medicine manufacturing and production company situated in Industrial estate, Peshawar, having about employees. Similar is the case with Fedro Pharma, having about employees. This work will study, analyzed and evaluate the Recruitment and Selection practices in the above mentioned organizations. Currently Pakistani pharmaceutical companies have employed about , people.

Pharmaceutical industry grows with satisfactory pace and can contribute to a good extent to the overall economic development. Huselid , also mentioned that the inflow of best quality of skill set contribute a lot to the skills inventory of the organization, so he stressed for adopting the best practices in the recruitment and selections practice. Resultantly the prevailed practices need to be studied, compared for the purpose to be improved.

It is also worth noted that Pakistani pharmaceutical companies are recruiting both professionally educated and qualified people as well as some simply literate people. It includes medicine professionals like pharmacists to marketing professionals and sales people.

A common phenomenon about the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan, apart from multinational pharmaceutical companies being operated in Pakistan, is that most of the companies are owned by single owner which is only profit centered. This make the owner concern only about the profit, which means that the main focus is paid on the production and marketing, without taking into account the formal HR structure and practices while staffing their organization, thus lacking to adopt proper recruitment and selection procedure.

Staffing is done either by the owner or by the concerned department manager, while an HR officer has just to assist them. Because of the absence of HR department, Organizational Development, Employees training and bringing in the exactly required people like concepts are unknown to these companies.

So the area of Human Resource as well, like marketing, and production sides, needs to be studied and improved. This work will help realize the owner of small pharmaceutical companies to formally structure their organizations and to equip their companies with contemporary working environment and practices.

Another reason I choose these organizations, is the easy, less expensive and timely access to these organizations, because I am being studying as well as doing job, lakes resource.

So it can provide references to future work related to the topic. Objective of the study are listed below: 1. Literature has also revealed that in Pakistan the overall focus on Human Resource Development is insufficient Abbasi, M.

U, Sohail, M. Cheema, F. A, Syed, N. So this work which could help shift this old paradigm signifies its worth. Where there will be best Recruitment and Selection practice, potential employees will be evaluated according to the exact requirements of the job, and this will also lead to better performance.

Literature Review Bratton , while pointing to Recruitment and Selection practice says, staffing the organization means to find those people who possess the appropriate skills, abilities, knowledge and experience. Knowing and analyzing the vacant positions to be filled and how to be filled are the major activities of employment planning process Dessler, Announcing vacancy, generating pool of applicants, assessing these applicants and at the end making a decision for the selection out of these applicants are the key phases of recruitment and selection process Beardwell and Claydon, Recruitment and selection involve attracting people to be employed, where compensation plays a very important role as a tool to attract people Zobal, ; Chiu et al.

This indicates that those organizations which have high wage system have better chances to attract and recruit better people. A, Humayoun, A. A, , pointed out that employee get socialized with and become accustomed with the organizational environment. If there is greater employee turnover, it will cost higher for recruitment and selection. On the other hand it is also time consuming to recruit new staff and get accustomed with the prevailed organizational environment and culture.

This very fact is further highlighted by Holland et al. The above notion; despite reflecting that it is better to retain employees than new hiring, also suggest that recruitment and selection should be based on properly evaluating the required skills, knowledge and behavioral aspect in shortlisted candidates. Turban et al and Dowling pointed out that most of the applicants are attracted by the image and reputation of the company to get employment in that company. Lemmink also discussed this point that candidates have perceptions about companies, and their intentions are greatly influenced by that perception to go for employment in that particular company.

Proper recruitment and selection is very important to not only gain profit but also to get competitive advantage in the industry Boxall and Steeneveld, Similarly an organization vision, strategies and HR planning provide bases for the recruitment. An organization will hire either from its internal sources or external sources that depends on the need of human resource and the objectives of the organization. This primary data was collected through questionnaire.

Though almost all the data required for analytical purpose was collected through questionnaire, still at the time of administering questionnaire, some discussions were held with the senior management in the form of interviews.

The main reason for questionnaire was to ask same questions from both the organizations to study and compare their recruitment and selection. Any ambiguity at the time of filling questionnaire seen was clarified on the spot as the questionnaires were personally administered at lower level staff. Purposive sampling technique of non-probability sampling was used. The reason for this was to lay down a criterion, and that criterion was to include those staff members who actually know recruitment and selection.

Later on convenience sampling was also used after meeting the first criteria. The data was process through Computer program MS Excel. For comparison purposes percentages has been used. Numeric values are assigned to each response category i. After that the numeric values for two response categories i. This is done separately for each organization. Up to this point we can get to know a lot about the recruitment and selection practice of these two organizations.

The following figure illustrates both in tabular and diagrammatic form, about the recruitment and selection practice of Z-Jans Pharmaceutical. Similarely almost half of their staff believes that their company are not always advertising the positions in the newspapaer and specialy they are not palaced online. It is being observed in the above illustration that both the source i. The practice of job fairs is almost equal to nill.

They believe that executive level position are filled with those who have enough experience and are not taken from fresh greduates. Though a high ratio of employees are satisfied from their HR, but still their HR found lacking in the pre-screening process.

This is a positive sign towards good recruitment and selection that candidates are personally interviewed in Z-Jans Pharamceuticals. Recruitment and selection is believed to be scientific and rigorous because they think their line as well as HR Managers both participate in the recruitment and election, as obvious from the above illustration.

Fedreo Pharma never goes for job fairs. College graduates are not hire to fill executive level positions, as they required experienced people of the field. Only 7 out of 25 agree that their HR act as consultant in the pre-screening process. However a good percantage agrees that candidates are personally interviewed.

HRM626 – Recruitment and selection

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management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, a subsystem of our defense industry and the flight crews are a subsystem of Pakistan Such early information systems were manual, and were mainly used to notify.

HRM626 Recruitment and Selection

Effecting the Westminster system for governing the state, the government is mainly composed of the executive , legislative , and judicial branches, in which all powers are vested by the Constitution in the Parliament , the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court. The President acts as the ceremonial figurehead while the people-elected Prime Minister acts as the chief executive of the executive branch and is responsible for running the federal government. There is a bicameral Parliament with the National Assembly as a lower house and the Senate as an upper house. The most influential officials in the Government of Pakistan are considered to be the federal secretaries , who are the highest ranking bureaucrats in the country and run cabinet-level ministries and divisions.

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