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Maillard reaction produces flavour and aroma during cooking process; and it is used almost everywhere from the baking industry to our day to day life to make food tasty. It is often called nonenzymatic browning reaction since it takes place in the absence of enzyme. When foods are being processed or cooked at high temperature, chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars leads to the formation of Maillard reaction products MRPs.

Food processing: The Advantages of Processed Foods

We all process foods everyday when preparing a meal for ourselves or our family and virtually all foods undergo some form of processing before they are ready to eat. Some foods are even dangerous if eaten without proper processing. Food processing includes any action that changes or converts raw plant or animal materials into safe, edible and more enjoyable, palatable foodstuffs. In large-scale food manufacture, processing involves applying scientific and technological principles to preserve foods by slowing down or stopping the natural processes of decay. It also allows changes to the eating quality of foods to be made in a predictable and controlled way. Food processing also uses the creative potential of the processor to change basic raw materials into a range of tasty attractive foods that provide interesting variety in the diets of consumers.

Food processing has come to be associated with ramen noodles, canned meat, and spongy snack cakes. The health concerns raised by these products have led many to assume that all processed foods are unhealthy, but do they deserve their reputation? Businesses use food processing techniques to transform raw foods and ingredients into new products. These techniques run the gamut and include milling grains into flour, crushing seeds to extract their oil, churning milk into butter, mixing ingredients to make batter, and baking cookies on an assembly line. Meat processing, meanwhile, can involve techniques like cutting, deboning, and removing guts from carcasses. While some food processing techniques use cutting-edge technology, others have been practiced for millennia.

Food processing , any of a variety of operations by which raw foodstuffs are made suitable for consumption , cooking , or storage. A brief treatment of food processing follows. For fuller treatment of storage methods, see food preservation. Food processing generally includes the basic preparation of foods, the alteration of a food product into another form as in making preserves from fruit , and preservation and packaging techniques. A number of food-processing innovations have even resulted in new products, such as concentrated fruit juices, freeze-dried coffee, and instant foods.

Food processing: The Advantages of Processed Foods

Metrics details. Food preservation involves different food processing steps to maintain food quality at a desired level so that maximum benefits and nutrition values can be achieved. Food preservation methods include growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, and distribution of foods. The key objectives of food preservation are to overcome inappropriate planning in agriculture, to produce value-added products, and to provide variation in diet. Food spoilage could be caused by a wide range of chemical and biochemical reactions. To impede chemical and microbial deterioration of foods, conventional and primitive techniques of preserving foods like drying, chilling, freezing, and pasteurization have been fostered.

History and Biochemistry of Fermented Foods

It is recommended to also follow "Food Biotechnology" by Wilbert Sybesma, since the following 2 courses will alternate every second week on Friday afternoons 4 lessons : "Food Biotechnology" by Wilbert Sybesma and "Chemistry of food processes" by Imre Blank. Attend lectures. Each student will give a 15 minutes presentation during the semester.

1. Introduction and definitions

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