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Public Policy and Administration

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the reform of public administration is a sort of Achilles heel of modern state especially, because the bureaucracies could not give up to the features of old public administration. However, the public administration, under the pressure of some international driving forces global economic crisis, interaction with the EU system, Europeanization etc. Today, public administration is moving in new directions. Reforms are focusing on the quality of services for citizens and business on the efficiency of administration. The focus of the paper is on selected reform area in Romanian public administration, namely de-bureaucratisation and simplification of the procedures for citizens, business and administration to achieve the European standards and to be defined by transparency, predictability, responsibility, adaptability and effectiveness.

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Public administration is the implementation of government policy and also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil employees for working in the public service. In every sphere of social, economic and political life there is administration which means that for the proper functioning of the organisation or institution it must be properly ruled or managed and from this concept emerges the idea of administration. Public administration is "centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programs as well as the behavior of officials usually non-elected formally responsible for their conduct". In the United States , civil employees and academics such as Woodrow Wilson promoted civil service reform in the s, moving public administration into academia. In Paul H.

Journal of Public Administration and Governance

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The journal serves as a bridge between public administration and public management scholarship on the one hand and public policy studies on the other. JPA encourages critical and comparative analysis of challenges facing contemporary systems of governing. The submitted papers will be published after special review as well as the approval of the editorial board. The honorable professors and researchers are highly appreciated if they visit this site, register, submit and set up their papers based on authors guidelines. Therefore, visiting in person or calling the journal office are not recommended, so all connections with authors and honorable reviewers are done through the website.

Collaborative approaches to policy-making are high on the agenda for most European governments and are key to European Commission activities with respect to the transformation of public administration in the European Union EU Hammerschmid et al. A long line of politicians has stated the need for government units to overcome organizational cleavages and reach out to citizens and stakeholders in order to address difficult policy problems and deliver public services more efficiently. Collaborative approaches to policy-making have also been advocated as a way to close the seemingly growing gap between government and citizens and thus to alleviate normative problems commonly besetting Western democracies in the last decades. Collaborative governance has received considerable attention from public administration scholars and is the subject of a burgeoning body of academic literature in policy studies, public management and democratic theory. However, the rapid uptake of collaborative governance and related concepts, such as coordination, cooperation, joined-up governance, network governance e. Attempts to structure the debate have so far exclusively focused on the academic literature in English. This article aims to facilitate the synthesis and consolidation of work undertaken so far in a way that is more culturally sensitive and more open to developments taking place in the world of practice.

Journal of Public Administration and Governance (JPAG) is an internationally E​-journal in PDF is available on the journal's webpage, free of charge for.

The Effect of Public Administration Reforms under the Post-New Public Management Paradigm

Ethics is an important element which determines the successful implementation of organizations activities and public administration actors. The importance to implement public administration ethics in the Indonesia government bureaucracy was based to the ethical problems which happened, such as corruption, collusion and nepotism. This research used qualitative method, where is primary data obtained from observations, and secondary data obtained from media and literature study.

The academic journal Public Policy and Administration aims to encourage scientific research aimed at finding new theoretical and practical solutions for the formation and implementation of public policy; analyze current trends in public administration and suggest new alternatives for decision making and implementation for public administration practice; pay special attention to the analysis and critical evaluation of the processes of public administration in Eastern and Central Europe; contribute to the improvement of the research methodology in the field of public policy; ensure effective dissemination of scientific knowledge by publishing relevant up-to-date studies and conference reviews. Format of publication. The journal includes articles analyzing theoretical and practical issues in the areas of public policy and administration in Central and Eastern Europe. Priority is given to articles analyzing transformational processes and reform management in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, good practices of these countries, current issues in the formation and implementation of public policy in Lithuania and, among them, the developments in the public administration reform and the implementation of European Union standards. Of particular interest are institutional and functional issues in EU governance, regional development of knowledge society, managerial competencies of public servants and ethical problems.

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