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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of music on lettuce and alfalfa seed germination and seedling growth. For the duration of the study, music was played for 12 hours each day for seven days. Results showed that a significantly lower number of alfalfa seeds germinated in the rock music treatment. In contrast, the highest percentage of alfalfa seeds germinated in treatments with music was those in the classical, nature sound, and waltz treatments. In lettuce seedlings, significantly longer radicles were observed in the Gregorian chant, new-age, and waltz treatments compared to the control, whereas no such effects were evident in alfalfa seedlings.

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Maize is susceptible to drought stress, especially during germination. The experiment of seed germination and seedling growth of two maize varieties under different concentration of mannitol solution was carried out. Four mannitol concentrations were set: 0, , and mM, and the corresponding solution osmotic potential was: 0, Results indicated that Zhengdan germinated more quickly and in greater numbers than Liansheng The germination rate, germination potential, shoot and root fresh weight, shoot and root length of two maize varieties both decreased under drought stress, but they decreased more in Liansheng15 than in Zhengdan

Seed and Seedling Biology

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Effects of cold plasma treatment on seed germination and seedling growth of soybean

A series of seed priming experiments were conducted to test the effects of different pretreatment methods to seed germination, seedling growth, and seed yield traits in maize Zea mays L. Results indicated that the seeds primed by gibberellins GA , NaCl, and polyethylene glycol PEG reagents showed a higher imbibitions rate compared to those primed with water. The final germination percentage and germination rate varied with different reagents significantly. The shoot biomass of seedlings after presoaking the seeds with NaCl reagent was significantly higher than the seedlings without priming treatment. No significant differences of plant height, leaf number, and hundred-grain weight were observed between control group and priming treatments.

Seed Germination and Seedling Growth

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Before exploring how to best grow your seeds and seedlings, start with the right seed. If you intend to run your operation as certified organic, you are required to use certified organic seed and seedlings with only a few exceptions see the "Organic Requirements". Viable seeds are living entities. They must contain living, healthy embryonic tissue in order to germinate. All fully developed seeds contain an embryo and, in most plant species, a store of food reserves, wrapped in a seed coat.

Switchgrass is a perennial C4 plant with great potential as a bioenergy source and, thus, a high demand for establishment from seed. This research investigated the effects of ultrasound treatment on germination and seedling growth in switchgrass. Using an orthogonal matrix design, conditions for the ultrasound pretreatment in switchgrass seed, including sonication time factor A , sonication temperature factor B and ultrasound output power factor C , were optimized for germinating and stimulating seedling growth indicated as plumular and radicular lengths through modeling analysis. The results indicate that sonication temperature B was the most effective factor for germination, whereas output power C had the largest effect on seedling growth when ultrasound treatment was used. Combined with the analyses of range, variance and models, the final optimal ultrasonic treatment conditions were sonication for

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of metals on wheat and bean species. The inhibition caused by these metals was depending on the concentration used, the metal itself and the plant species. The species had reduced seed germination, root and shoot lengths, tolerance index and percentphyto-toxicity with increasing concentrations of metals. Cadmium was determined to be the most inhibitory metal on these parameters. The results showed also that the inhibitory effect of increase of Zn levels was seen in root, shoot and tolerance indices. Regarding species, the results showed that bean seemed to be more tolerant to the increase of the three metals than wheat.

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Salinity is a major constraint in crop production in saline prone areas of Bangladesh. Therefore, a study was carried out in order to investigate the effect of different levels of NaCl salinity stress on seed germination and seedling growth of tomato. Seeds were placed in petridish for germination and the seedlings were allowed to grow for ten days.

Noticeable differences in germination indices and seedling growth particularly root growth and fresh weights were observed in a dose-dependent manner. Our findings suggest that garlic allelochemicals act as plant biostimulants to enhance auxin biosynthesis and transportation, resulting in root growth promotion. Additionally, the relative expressions of defense-related genes, antioxidant enzymes activities and phytohormonal regulations indicate activation of the defense responses in tomato seedlings resulting in better growth and development.

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