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Exercise equipment, or exercise machines , refers to the range of devices used during exercise to augment and enhance physical activity by providing either fixed or adjustable forms of resistance. Exercise machines range from simple weight machines that use gravity for resistance, to electronic computerized machines with monitors and other performance tracking tools.

Doing exercise on a regular basis results in increased energy levels and happiness followed by a better mood and a healthy lifestyle also reduces the risk of heart diseases, increases strength and flexibility, improves self-confidence and memory. If you want to feel better, happier, more energetic, and want to add more years to your life … just do exercise. There are many studies found that people who exercise daily with our open gym equipment are more energetic and live a longer life. There are places where you can exercise and do physical activities like — gym, office and outside according to your convenience and availability of required facilities.

Gym Equipment Machines Names with Pictures & Uses PDF

While having heavy weights and the latest gadget is a must in staying ahead of your game, using hardcore exercise machines fit for the Olympics could mean that your gym scares off beginners or seniors. Similarly, if your gym just has basic equipment that is only utilised by the less experienced or older, the seriously dedicated gym-goers will simply pick another gym that is stacked with the latest and greatest gear. To maximize profits and get more people through the door, a mix of equipment should be used to attract and keep customers.

When picking the best equipment for newbies you should first ask what their goals might be, in the same way that you might do with seniors. Someone older might aim to undertake exercises that will help them maintain muscle mass and a healthy heart. They are also likely to use equipment that is kinder on their joints. To make sure you keep everyone happy but without spending a wild amount on fitness equipment , integrate these nine essential things for your gym or studio.

A basic but multi-purpose training bench is a must-have in your gym. It is used for performing weight training exercises or even sit-ups. You should be able to adjust the backrest so you can move it from the flat position to an incline.

A personal training studio may need at least two of these. Also an important necessity for beginners, young athletes and seniors. The dumbbell set should range from light to heavy in order to accommodate for everyone. Dumbbells come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials these days, from plastic-coated to colourful to straight-up metal, so take your pick.

Get a set with a rack and save time and space, too. For beginners who are looking to lose some weight, the treadmill is the way to go. A fantastic form of cardio exercise, your gym should have a treadmill that has varying inclines, speeds and provides heart rate monitoring. For young aspiring athletes, the gym equipment somewhat varies.

Instead of focusing on the basic gym equipment, these people might choose other machines to use to help themselves with cardiovascular exercises and also aid them in strength training as well. Also a great form of cardiovascular training, the stationary bike is an alternative to the treadmill for working cardiovascular endurance.

The nice thing about the bike is that it provides a low-impact way to get the heart rate elevated. Looking at it as a sort of upgrade from the treadmill, this cycle is a must-have for younger athletes. Younger athletes also tend to focus on heavy strength training and do not just aim for simple weight loss. They aim to tone their bodies with weight training. This also comes in handy for beginners who want to begin strength training and seniors who wish to increase their bone density to prevent fracture by lifting.

Athletes can do a lot with a total-body rowing machine, especially a strong aerobic workout. Unlike the bike and treadmill that focus more on the lower body, the rower offers a head-to-toe workout, engaging the legs, core and upper body.

Plus, it helps burn a ton of calories and is also a low-impact way to get in some cardio exercise. Having a rowing machine in your gym is therefore highly necessary. A rowing machine offers a lower resistance workout for those that are suffering from join injuries. For seniors and people of older age, these machines are suitable when not used too strenuously. However, it is important to have certain machines in your gym specifically targeted for such an age group.

This type of treadmill is a must-have for seniors who come to your gym. As a gym owner, it is common to know that as you get older normal treadmills, running on concrete and tracks can prove to be hazardous for the knees. Ellipticals are also non-impact in nature which means the back, knees, and ankles will all be protected. This is very important when considering seniors at your gym as older people tend to stay away from equipment that could further harm their joints.

Stepping into elliptical pedals, climbing on a stationary or standard road bike or using a rowing machine all let you work out without pounding your joints. All in all, this type of machine is really good for people who have any sort of lower-limb discomfort or osteoarthritis. Although these are not necessarily machines, many beginners, young athletes and seniors enjoy using these accessories in their daily workout.

Resistance bands and tubes are simple, inexpensive, portable fitness items for gently building strength, which is great and convenient for seniors.

Elastic resistance training is effective for increasing muscle strength in a low impact way. The below equipment can all be used to help improve balance and body control, increase ease of motion and decrease the risk of falls for seniors, which also prove to be a must-have in the gym to accommodate seniors.

The best thing to do for your gym is to consider the audience and carefully observe which age group is mostly present. Buying equipment according to that will save money and you can slowly increase different types of equipment according to the people that join their gym in the future. For more ways to improve retention and keep your clients happy, check out Virtuagym software.

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Always check with a doctor before beginning any exercise, nutrition, or supplement program. Page 3. GYM EQUIPMENT HANDBOOK. By Linda Burke, CPT. Gym.

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If you are interested in this topic, add a page to your report. Or expand the page on social networks and share it with your friends. I must warn you that the equipment options can differ visually.

You can launch an effective exercise program using only what nature gave you: your body. But because regular activity remains an elusive goal for most people, a multibillion-dollar industry has blossomed around the promise of surefire success. Health club memberships and home exercise equipment are excellent exercise solutions for many people. Do keep these cautions in mind, though:.

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Before you get started on building your own garage gym, you need to know what different pieces of equipment in the gym do. Only then would you be able to figure out where they figure in your fitness routine. If you even got one of those wrong, you need to better your gym equipment knowledge quotient. This is especially important during strength training when you deal with a huge amount of weight. There are immediate and long-term problems if you do not use proper form to deal with heavy weights.

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