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It is reproduced here on H-Labor Arts to make it available to a wider audience. I wrote this article while I was in the midst of finishing a book-length manuscript on Erich Mercker, who was, undoubtedly, one of the top industrial artists in Germany from to He and his contemporaries e. The Grohmann Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has paintings produced by virtually all of these artists. It also has more than 90 paintings by Erich Mercker, more than any other art museum in the world.

Painting and sculpture at Mission Santa Barbara.

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Western painting

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Like much of the art of the Upper California missions, the painting of the Last Judgment at Mission San Luis Rey de Francia reveals a long and vibrant pedigree in the European tradition. The composition is based on a Flemish print of a French masterpiece. Some elements of the French composition trace back to Classical and Renaissance works of art. This essay will identify these particular artistic details and explain how they made their way from Antiquity and Renaissance Rome, to Paris, Antwerp, Seville, Mexico City and, ultimately, to what is now Oceanside, California. Jean Cousin's Last Judgment and its Influences.

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The history of Western painting represents a continuous, though disrupted, tradition from antiquity until the present time. Initially serving imperial, private, civic, and religious patronage, Western painting later found audiences in the aristocracy and the middle class. From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance painters worked for the church and a wealthy aristocracy. Western painting reached its zenith in Europe during the Renaissance, in conjunction with the refinement of drawing, use of perspective , ambitious architecture, tapestry , stained glass , sculpture, and the period before and after the advent of the printing press. Aurochs Cave painting , Lascaux , France. Bison , in the great hall of policromes, Cave of Altamira , Spain. Petroglyphs , from Sweden, Nordic Bronze Age painted.

Erich Mercker and “Technical Subjects”: Industrial Painting in the Eras of Weimar and Nazi Germany

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