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CBSE 10th Science Board Exam 2020: Practice Important MCQs from Chapter 9 – Heredity and Evolution

Correct answer with explanation is also provided for each question. All these questions are based on important concepts occurring in Heredity and Evolution chapter of class The sequence of gradual changes which takes place in the primitive organisms over millions of years in which new species are produced is known as. Explanation: Evolution is a series of gradual changes in an organism, wherein in the end, the organism is evolved and advanced. If a normal cell of human body contains 46 pairs of chromosomes then the numbers of chromosomes in a sex cell of a human being is most likely to be:. Explanation: The sex gametes are always haploid.

Process of selecting individuals with desired characters by man is called a Hybridization b Reproduction c Artificial selection d Natural selection. Which one of the following pairs are homologous organs? The theory of evolution of species by natural selection was given by a Mendel b Darwin c Lamarck d Weismann. A cross between a tall pea-plant TT and a short pea-plant tt resulted in progenies that were all tall plants because a tallness is the recessive trait. The number of pairs of sex chromosomes in the zygote of a human being is a 2 b 3 c 1 d 4. A zygote which has an X-chromosome inherited from the father will develop into a a girl b boy c either boy or girl d X-chromosome does not influence the sex of a child.

MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science Heredity and Evolution with Answers

All the questions are provided with answers and their detailed explanations. Students should practice with all these questions to brush up their concepts and get prepared to attempt the objective type questions appropriately in the CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam If the length of the shadow of a tower is increasing, then the angle of elevation of the sun. A is also increasing. Explanation: Observe the following figure, Let A represents sun, then as the length of shadow increases from DC to DB , the angle of elevation decreases from 60 to

Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution with Answers Pdf free download.

MCQ Questions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry with answers

These Class 10 MCQ Questions with answers will widen your skills and understand concepts in a better manner. The top of a broken tree has its top touching the ground at a distance of 10m from the bottom. What is the height of the tower? The upper part of a tree broken by the wind falls to the ground without being detached.

Mcq Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter Practice is the only key for success […] Which of the following is a non-renewable source of energy? The majority of the questions were of MCQs type only.

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