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The equilibrium of the firm under monopolistic competition follows the usual analysis in the short- run and long-run. The short-run analysis of the firm under monopolistic competition is based on the following assumptions:.

Perfect competition refers to a market situation where there are a large number of buyers and sellers dealing in homogenous products. Moreover, under perfect competition, there are no legal, social, or technological barriers on the entry or exit of organizations. In perfect competition, sellers and buyers are fully aware about the current market price of a product.

Price and Output Determination Under Different Market Structures

Price determination is one of the most crucial aspects in economics. Business managers are expected to make perfect decisions based on their knowledge and judgment. Since every economic activity in the market is measured as per price, it is important to know the concepts and theories related to pricing. Pricing discusses the rationale and assumptions behind pricing decisions. It analyzes unique market needs and discusses how business managers reach upon final pricing decisions.

Perfect Competition which may be defined as an ideal market situation in which buyers and sellers are so numerous and informed that each can act as a price taker, able to buy or sell any desired quantity affecting the market price. According to A. K, Koutsoyianis ,"Perfect competition is a market structure characterized by a complete absence of rivalry among the individual's firms". In perfect competition, there are large number of buyers and sellers in the market. The individual firm as buyer and seller is simply a price taker.

Perfect competition is the world of price takers. A perfect competitive firm sells a homogenous product one identical to the product sold by the others in the industry it is so small relative to its market price, it simply takes the price as given. A very large number of relatively small buyers and sellers. A single buyers or sellers actions cannot therefore, have any perceptible influence on market price. The firm is thus, a price taker and quantity adjuster. All sellers are selling homogenous product. The firms are free to enter or leave the industry.

Price and Output Determination under Perfect Competition

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Price and Output Determination under Monopoly

Monopoly refers to a market structure in which there is a single producer or seller that has a control on the entire market. This single seller deals in the products that have no close substitutes and has a direct demand, supply, and prices of a product. Therefore, in monopoly, there is no distinction between an one organization constitutes the whole industry. In monopoly, there is only one producer of a product, who influences the price of the product by making Change m supply. The producer under monopoly is called monopolist.

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    The price of a commodity and the quantity exchanged per time period depend on the market demand and supply functions and the market structure. The market structure characterises the way the sellers and buyers interact to determine equilibrium price and quantity.

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