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Operation Research: Theory and Applications is a comprehensive book for students of Management. The book comprises chapters on linear programming, duality in linear programming, goal programming, queuing theory, non-linear programming methods and dual-simplex method. In addition, the book consists of several case studies, self-practice problems and conceptual problems for thorough revision before the examinations. This book is essential for students pursuing B.

Operations Research - JK Sharma

Save extra with 2 Offers. The all new fifth edition of the book further enhances the easy-to-understand approach adopted in earlier editions. This approach provides the readers an understanding of the problem-solving methods based on a careful discussion of model formulation, solution procedures, and analysis of results.. Salient Features: 1. Each chapter begins with a Preview and Learning Objectives to guide the students and help them focus on understanding a specific topic under study. Most of the chapters contain Management Cases to help students understand various business situations, and suggest solutions to managerial issues that are raised while using specific techniques of operations research.

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Operations Research: Theory and Applications 5th Edition 5th Edition

This chapter presents graphical solution method for solving any LP problem with only two decision variables. This method provides a conceptual basis for solving large and complex LP problems. The purpose of this chapter is to help you gain an understanding of how the simplex method works. Understanding the underlying principles help to interpret and analyze solution of any LP problem. The chapter deals with how to find the marginal value also known as shadow price of each resource. This value reflects an additional cost to be paid to obtain one additional unit of the resource to get the optimal value of objective function under resource constraints.

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