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Define bit rate. Bit rate is defined as number of bits transmitted during one second between the transmitter and receiver.

Hence higher frequencies take the form of lower frequencies. This interference of. Amplitude reconstruction signal is done to remove amplitude discontinuities due to pulses.

Digital Communication - Electronic Engineering (MCQ) questions & answers

Which one of the following statements about differential pulse code modulation DPCM is true? In a digital communication system, the overall pulse shape p t at the receiver before the sampler has the Fourier transformation P f. If the symbols are transmitted at the rate of symbols per second, for which of the following cases is the inter symbol interface zero? With a matched filter correlator based receiver, the smallest positive value of T in milliseconds required to have u 0 t and u 1 t uncorrelated is. A sinusoidal message signal is converted to a PCM signal using a uniform quantizer. Consider binary data transmission at a rate of 56 kbps using baseband binary pulse amplitude modulation PAM that is designed to have a raised-cosine spectrum. The transmission bandwidth in kHz required for a roll-off factor of 0.

The subject of digital communications involves the transmission of information in digital form from a source that generates the information to one or more destinations. Basic principles that underlie the analysis and design of digital communication systems are covered. This semester, the main focus includes performance analysis symbol error probability , optimal receivers, and limits information theoretic capacity. These topics are challenging but the presented material are carefully selected to keep the difficulty level appropriate for undergraduate students. Synopsis The subject of digital communications involves the transmission of information in digital form from a source that generates the information to one or more destinations. Closed notes.

50 TOP DIGITAL COMMUNICATION UNIT WISE Important Questions and Answers

Dear Readers, Welcome to Digital Communication multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. Specially developed for the Electronic Engineering freshers and professionals, these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many companies. Fresh Trending Easy Medium Hard. Minimum hamming distance between two code words is equal to weight of any non zero code word. Pi graph b. Matrix c. Tanner graph d.

The step size remains same b. Step size varies according to the values of the input signal c. The quantizer has linear characteristics d. Both a and c are correct. Modulation b. Multiplexing c. Quantization d.

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latest Digital communication Job Interview Questions And Answers.

UNIT I 1. Classify channel. Explain the mathematical models of any two communication channels.

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Digital Communication

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Digital Communication

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