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In thermodynamics , the compressibility factor Z , also known as the compression factor or the gas deviation factor , is a correction factor which describes the deviation of a real gas from ideal gas behaviour. It is simply defined as the ratio of the molar volume of a gas to the molar volume of an ideal gas at the same temperature and pressure.

Natural gas NG is a mixture of 21 elements and widely used in the industries and domestics. Knowledge of its thermodynamic properties is essential for designing appropriate process and equipments. In this study, the detailed numerical procedures for computing most thermodynamic properties of natural gas are discussed based on the AGA8 equation of state EOS and thermodynamics relationships.

Compressibility Factors of Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Gases, K.E. Starling, 2003

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Compressibility factor

The present invention relates to natural gas flow measuring, especially a kind of Method of Calculating Compressibility Factors of Natural Gas. With the Large scale construction of developing rapidly for gas industry, particularly gas line network, for the day of Trade Measures So throughput instrument is increasing, and its operating pressure is improved constantly, and range of flow also constantly increases. Natural gas flow measuring is many The continuous measurement of parameter, multicomponent gases, with not reversibility, its accuracy of measurement receives many factors shadow for its value measurement Ring. Only under low pressure, high temperature, real gas just can approximately be counted as ideal gases, due to real gas and ideal The difference of gas so that be difficult to evaluate to the accuracy and reliability in gas flow measurement, particularly low temperature, pressure piping gas The measurement of body flow. In this case, the tested makings in pipeline cannot be described with The Ideal-Gas Equation And process.

Dranchuk, P. In Standing and Katz 1 presented a compressibility factor chart based on binary mixtures and saturated hydrocarbon vapor data. This chart is generally reliable for sweet natural gases and correctable for those containing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide 2. It has become one of the most widely accepted correlations in the petroleum industry. A replot of the original data in the form compressibility versus pseudo-reduced density, with pseudo-reduced temperature as a parameter reveals irregularities at various points, with large departures occurring in portions of the 1. In this work the above mentioned isotherms have been smoothed and the resulting correlation fitted by means of an eight coefficient Benedict-Webb-Rubin type equation.

related to the density of a gas stream, hence its flow rate and Keywords: natural gas stream; compressibility factor; kernel ridge compound and other compounds such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, been obtained by digitizing the original Standing–Katz chart for natural hydrocarbon gases and its.

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    Abstract: Natural gas compressibility factor (Z) is key factor in gas industry for natural Factors of Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Gases, American.

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    Calculating the Natural Gas Compressibility Factor for a Distribution In these cases, the use of equations valid for ideal gases becomes AGA Report 8 - Compressibilityfactors of natural gas and other related hydrocarbon.

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