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This hour class is designed for firefighters who are assigned to or may be assigned to operate fire department apparatus in the normal course of their duties. This course is designed to develop firefighters understanding of mechanical principles of fire pumps and their controls, principles of water and water systems, intake and discharge hydraulics, fire stream production, relay pumping operations, care and maintenance of pumper apparatus, and troubleshooting. Students will practice producing effective fire streams from hydrants, relay operations, and drafting from static sources.

Essentials of Fire Fighting, 7th Edition. Company Info Why Firedup?

Fire Service Pump Operator

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PDF Download Fire Service Pump Operator: Principles And Practice PDF Online

Welcome to the ultimate online resource for Fire Service Pump Operator: Principles and Practice students and instructors. Click on any resource area to the left to access interactive learning tools. Attention Instructors: Click here to learn more about the complete teaching and learning system that accompanies Fire Service Pump Operator: Principles and Practice. Current News.

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Fire Service Pump Operator

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PDF Download Fire Service Pump Operator: Principles And Practice PDF Online

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NOTE: Class dates, times, and costs are subject to change. Course descriptions and cost list are provided at end of roster. Please call for additional information and to register. You may also send e-mail requests to ryant lake. This course prepares the student to serve effectively as an organizational spokesperson, according to current practices in the profession of public relations and numerous examples from the fire service.

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