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Temperament and Character Domains of Personality and Depression

The Medical Basis of Psychiatry pp Cite as. Personality disorder PD is the primary psychiatric illness observed in most patients with psychosocial complaints, particularly young adults. PD is present in one sixth of people in the general population and more than half of all psychiatric patients. PD is usually a lifelong disorder but can mature remit spontaneously or with treatment. The temperament and character components of PD are all moderately heritable.

The depressive disorder is one of the most frequent mental disorders, which is often associated with severe dysfunctionality. Personality traits are considered as important factors for the occurrence of depressive disorder. To determine the specificity of personality dimensions as predictive factors of depressive disorder. TCI-R temperament and character inventory — revised was used as the main research instrument. There are specific personality traits expressed through high scores of Harm Avoidance and low scores of Self —Directedness traits as predictive factors related to an incidence of the depressive disorder. The results of this study show that certain personal traits, and more specific HA and SD, are with a specific predictability of the depressive disorder. Cloninger has developed personality theory as the biopsychosocial model of temperament and character, which is based on biological, neurophysiological, psychological and genetic studies [ 1 - 3 ].

C. Robert Cloninger

Louis, South Euclid Avenue, St. Depression study has seen a revolutionary change since the introduction of personality concept of temperament and character proposed by C. Harm avoidance, a temperament domain, and self-directedness, a character domain, are the two that are often referred to as correlates of clinical depression. Yet other domains of temperament and character have been studied as a correlate of depression. Data from epidemiological studies provided an insight into the effects of age and gender on the chronological changes of temperament and character.

Three dimensions of personality are defined in terms of the basic stimulus-response characteristics of novelty seeking, harm avoidance, and reward dependence. The possible underlying genetic and neuroanatomical bases of observed variation in these dimensions are reviewed and considered in relation to adaptive responses to environmental challenge. The functional interaction of these dimensions leads to integrated patterns of differential response to novelty, punishment, and reward. The possible tridimensional combinations of extreme high or low variants on these basic stimulusresponse characteristics correspond closely to traditional descriptions of personality disorders. This reconciles dimensional and categorical approaches to personality description. It also implies that the underlying structure of normal adaptive traits is the same as that of maladaptive personality traits, except for schizotypal and paranoid disorders.

Temperament and Character Domains of Personality and Depression

Violence occurring between family members has been broadly defined as domestic violence Goodey, IPV is a universal phenomenon Devries et al. The present study aimed to evaluate the associations between the dimensions of the psychobiological model of personality Cloninger, ; Cloninger, and psychopathological symptoms in women who had experienced IPV. The following subsections will present past research that describes the psychological impact of IPV and the potential influence of personality, and then introduce the psychobiological model of personality.

Objective: Fibromyalgia FM patients may present psychopathology and some characteristic personality traits that may affect their adaptation to the disease.

Personality Disorders

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