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Dogs always prefer eating Human food; at least mine does! And there are a lot of fruits and veggies they can safely eat.

The ingestion of grapes or raisins has been reported to cause acute kidney injury AKI in dogs, with a clinical picture dominated by early gastrointestinal signs and rapidly developing uremia. Ataxia is mentioned in a few reports, but not further characterized. To evaluate the clinical, laboratory, and pathological features of dogs diagnosed with grape or raisin toxicosis GRT with emphasis on renal and neurological manifestations, compared to a control group of dogs with AKI from other causes. These manifestations dominated the clinical picture in some dogs, but were not associated with the severity of azotemia or the presence of systemic hypertension. Causes of death were unrelated to the neurological manifestations.

Raisins and Grapes

Metrics details. Grape and blueberry extracts are known to protect against age-related cognitive decline. However, beneficial effects achieved by mixing grape and blueberry extracts have yet to be evaluated in dogs, or their bioavailability assessed. Of concern to us were cases of acute renal failure in dogs, after their ingestion of grapes or raisins. The European Pet Food Industry Federation considers only the grape or raisin itself to be potentially dangerous; grape-seed extracts per-se , are not considered to be a threat. Our aim was therefore to evaluate the renal and hepatic safety, and measure plasma derivatives of a polyphenol-rich extract from grape and blueberry PEGB; from the Neurophenols Consortium in dogs. Safety was evaluated using four groups of 6 dogs.

Ingestion of grapes or raisins has resulted in development of anuric renal failure in some dogs. Cases reported to date have been in dogs; anecdotal reports exist of renal failure in cats and ferrets after ingestion of grapes or raisins. It is not known why many dogs can ingest grapes or raisins with impunity while others develop renal failure after ingestion. The condition has not been reproduced experimentally, although raisin extracts have been shown to cause damage to canine kidney cells in vitro. The exact mechanism of toxicity is unknown, although the primary injury appears to be in the proximal renal tubular epithelium.

Toxicosis with grapes or raisins causing acute kidney injury and neurological signs in dogs

Exposures occur more commonly in the summer and in December that is associated with the holiday season. Feeding human foodstuff to pets may also prove dangerous for their health. The aim of this review was to present common food items that should not be fed intentionally or unintentionally to dogs, i. Onion and avocado are toxic for cats, too. The clinical effects of individual toxicants and possible therapy are also mentioned. Knowing what human food has the potential to be involved in serious toxicoses should allow veterinarians to better educate their clients on means of preventing pet poisonings.

Some food toxic for pets

Several foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption can be toxic to dogs and cats. Food-associated poisoning cases involving the accidental ingestion of chocolate and chocolate-based products, Allium spp. The poisoning episodes are generally due to lack of public knowledge of the serious health threat to dogs and cats that can be posed by these products. The present review aims to outline the current knowledge of common food items frequently involved in the poisoning of small animals, particularly dogs, and provides an overview of poisoning episodes reported in the literature.

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A mixed grape and blueberry extract is safe for dogs to consume

Raisin Toxicosis in a Dalmatian

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Are Grapes and Raisins Toxic to Dogs?

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