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This Sports Gk Questions are frequently asked in many competitive, entrance exams and interviews. Start preparation with lbook for your competitive exams for free.

Speak now. Are you a die-hard cricket fan or a top-level player yourself? But would you win in a trivia challenge with your friends?

Top 100 Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers

The first official international match of cricket was held in between … A. India and Afghanistan. Answer: The Gillette Cup, , in U. Answer: Shaun Marsh. To unlock the PDF file, just like or share using the buttons below. How well do you know the rules that govern this game and how it is played? Take up the quiz to find out.

Cricket Quiz - Cricket Quiz Questions with Answers Let us see how much you know about the game of cricket with this quiz. This Cricket Quiz tests your overall knowledge of the game C ricket. C ricket quiz covers the history, popularity, rules and players of C ricket. This collection of cricket quiz questions and answers will test how well you think you know the. Some questions in this cricket quiz are easy, but most of them are very hard. When you have completed the quiz, you can send this quiz to your friends. Its simple to do, just click on the "Send Article To Friend" link on the right side.

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It is observed that questions based on the sports asked in almost every competitive exam held in India. Australia is the most successful country which has won 5 World Cup titles. Sachin was the first Indian player who won it first time. India has won this tournament by defeating West Indies in the final in He took 3 wickets after spending 12 runs and made 26 runs.

Cricket Quiz with Answers allexamgurublog com. Top Sports General Knowledge Questions and Answers PDF. GK on Cricket General Knowledge.

Top 100 GK Questions On Cricket World Cup

As we all know that Cricket World Cup has been started from 30th May, and expand to 14th July In this Cricket World Cup there will be total 48 matches schedule to be played by all participating teams Total — 10 Teams. So as the match going on lets take a look on the history of Cricket World Cup since to present

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