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Plant tissue culture has developed widely incorporated into biotechnology, the agricultural systems being a key factor to support many pharmaceutical and industrial outcomes. Since there is vast progress in plant culture and its application has emerged having great diversity in the science filed.

This is a technique by which new plants can be raised by the use of plant parts or cells. In , over ornamentals were introduced to the commercial market worldwide by tissue culture techniques. Acta Horticulturae, , 39—

Trends in the use of tissue culture, applications and future aspects

Tissue culture is the growth of tissues or cells separate from the organism. This is typically facilitated via the use of a liquid, semi-solid, or solid growth medium, such as broth or agar, in vitro under sterile growing conditions. Banana is typically propagated vegetatively; thus tissue culture as a propagation technique provides a robust means to prepare disease-free planting materials that can provide the first line of defense in developing an integrated disease-management program for banana. Tissue-culture techniques established for banana include shoot and meristem culture, callus culture, somatic embryogenesis, cell suspension, and protoplast cultures. However, commercial tissue-cultured banana seedlings are not always conveniently available. Larger-scale banana farmers may wish to establish a banana tissue-culture facility in-farm to ensure availability of disease-free seedlings for replanting in conjunction with a practice of rogueing destroying diseased plants.


The depicts the sequential fusion of two protoplasts, resulting in a synkaryon. The ensuing hybrid is known as a cytoplasmic hybrid or cybrid. The culture is initially started on a semi-solid medium and the callus so formed is transferred to a liquid medium in an agitated and aerated bioreactor. There are four methods, by which the somatic embryos are transferred to the field. Propagules derived from plant tissue culture exhibit several applications in horticulture, crops, and forestry. This technique is amalgamated with genetic engineering to regenerate plants with novel characters and combine two or more beneficial characters into a single plant.

Plant tissue culture is applied in the area of plant physiological and biochemical research to study the cell cycle, metabolism in cells, nutritional, morphogenetical and developmental studies in plants. Micropropagation allows the production of large numbers of plants from small pieces of the stock plant in relatively short periods of time. The in vitro cultures are now being used as tools for the study of various basic problems in experimental biology and agriculture. The two main applications of plant tissue culture in horticultural production are in propagation and sanitation. Plant Tissue Culture PTC : Definition : Plant tissue culture is a technique with which plant cells, tissues or organs are grown on artificial nutrient medium, either static or liquid, under aseptic and controlled conditions. Once the plant is placed in tissue culture, proliferation of lateral buds and adventitious shoots Fig.

horticulture and agriculture. Applications of micropropagation. Plant tissue culture is used widely in plant science; it also.


Plant tissue culture as an important tool for the continuous production of active compounds including secondary metabolites and engineered molecules. Novel methods gene editing, abiotic stress can improve the technique. Humans have a long history of reliance on plants for a supply of food, shelter and, most importantly, medicine. Current-day pharmaceuticals are typically based on plant-derived metabolites, with new products being discovered constantly. Nevertheless, the consistent and uniform supply of plant pharmaceuticals has often been compromised.

Tissue culture as a plant production system for horticultural crops pp Cite as. The use of tissue culture with vegetable crops has an extensive history dating back to the classic studies of White 52 and Caplin and Steward 8. As a result of the efforts of many investigators in this area, techniques for micropropagation of most major species of vegetables have been developed.

In vitro plant tissue culture: means for production of biological active compounds

Just as every person is different and unique, so is each plant. Some have traits like better color, yield, or pest resistance. For years, scientists have looked for methods to allow them to make exact copies of these superior individuals. Plants usually reproduce by forming seeds through sexual reproduction. That is, egg cells in the flowers are fertilized by pollen from the stamens of the plants.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , P. E. Akin-Idowu published Tissue culture as a plant production system for horticultural crops | Find, read and cite elimination as w​ell as the application of bioreactors to mass propagation. agriculture and horticulture.

Acta Horticulturae

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application of plant tissue culture in horticulture

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role of tissue culture in horticulture

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    The first and, to date, the most extensive practical application of tissue culture techniques to horticultural crops involves the multiplication of ornarmental plant species.

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