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The conceptual problems of developing and modernizing an automated system for the control of a technological process for nuclear power plants, which are under construction, or are currently operating, are discussed. Attention is focused on the human factor in the control of a nuclear power plant. The prospects for solving problems such as the optimal — from the safety standpoint — separation of control functions between man and machine, choice of means of automation adequate for the importance of the functions being performed with respect to safety, determination of the concept of the operator's job, and the systems for supporting the operator's work, and development of a modern man—machine interface, are examined.

Hydroelectric power station control systems, G Weisrock. A distributed control and monitoring system for nuclear power plants, J G Cornillon. Recent trends in distributed process control computers, V Rajaraman. Advanced diagnostic systems for thermoelectric plants operation, E Amendola et al. Control theory: On-line power system topological observability analysis algorithms: a comparative study, E D Crainic et al.

Control Systems

Hydroelectric power station control systems, G Weisrock. A distributed control and monitoring system for nuclear power plants, J G Cornillon. Recent trends in distributed process control computers, V Rajaraman. Advanced diagnostic systems for thermoelectric plants operation, E Amendola et al. Control theory: On-line power system topological observability analysis algorithms: a comparative study, E D Crainic et al.

Decoupled state-estimation in energy control centres, P B Subramanyam et al. The realisation of decentralised control for large-scale power systems, Chen Yuliu et al. Determination of transient stability-constrained plant generation limits, V Vittal et al. Variable structure controller for direct cycle boiling water reactor power plant, A Y Sivaramakrishnan et al. Control hardware: An implicit self-tuning regulator as a power system stabilizer, N C Pahalawaththa et al.

Computer based instrumentation for nuclear power station, P K Patwardhan et al. An analysis of power systems, control hardware, modelling and simulation, instrumentation, and computers and distributed systems. For control, electrical and electronic engineers, computer scientists, power plant operators and nuclear engineers.

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Power automation solution

Professional Engineer P. Abstract:- This paper outlines the engineering challenges involved in integrating multiple control systems in a power plant. Package systems like water treatment plants, auxiliary boilers, sewer pump stations and fuel gas compressors also contain PLC based control systems. This creates a situation where integration of multiple control systems becomes the necessity for producing power. Plants where control systems are not properly integrated can often experience nuisance tripping, efficiency and heat rate issues and performance issues, making the power plant unreliable. The Control system engineers have to keep the overall reliability of the plant in mind while designing the network architecture of the plants control system. The selection of network topology and protocols are of vital importance.

For our HyCon automation family, we provide excellent engineering expertise and experience to select, design and implement a specific automation solution. In this way, HyCon Hydro Control is able to promise top-level efficiency, maximum reliability and excellent performance. We have combined our long-term process know-how and control system expertise to create a hydropower-specific control system solution. With the aid of numerous modules, we are able to quickly and cost effectively engineer tailor-made solutions for hydropower plants of every type and size. The HyCon Control system is your reliable and safe solution for new plants as well as for modernization projects.

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Integration of Multiple Control Systems in a Combined Cycle Power Plant

Premium Membership. This paper deals mainly with thermal plants such as steam power units, gas-fired combined-cycle power plants and waste incineration plants in terms of integrating both process and electrical control into one consistent system. For the integration of electrical systems it is important to identify the typical elements of the single line diagram.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Web-based technologies in power plant automation and SCADA systems: A review and evaluation Abstract: Traditionally web-based technology is not used in power plant automation and SCADA systems due to its several limitations to an advanced user interfaces. In power plant automation and SCADA supervisory control and data acquisition systems real-time monitoring and operational reliability requirements are high.

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    A distributed control system DCS is a computerised control system for a process or plant usually with many control loops , in which autonomous controllers are distributed throughout the system, but there is no central operator supervisory control.

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    In the existing configuration, a Siemens Simatic S7 is used to study different the control functions. The automatic operating of a Conveyor Charging System is​.

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    Today's power plants are highly automated. All subsystems of large thermal power plants can be controlled from a central control room. One subsystems area is.

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