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In economics and finance , present value PV , also known as present discounted value , is the value of an expected income stream determined as of the date of valuation.


Essley, P. Several different types of interest tables are commonly used by petroleumengineers. Conventional or year-end and midyear tables are based on aneffective interest rate i, while continuous interest tables are expressed as afunction of a nominal rate j. To avoid confusion, a rate of return i calculatedusing midyear or year-end tables should be called an effective rate of return, while a rate of return j calculated using continuous interest tables should becalled a nominal rate of return. When either type of rate is known, the othercan he determined readily from a simple equation. Conversion factory to adjustreceiving income other than at the end of a period are derived and their usediscussed. The use of interest tables seems to be quite simple.

Present Value Interest Factor (PVIF)

The basic principles of the time value of money, and the use of interest factors in making comparisons between values that occur at different points in time are presented. Interest and annuity problems have four elements in common: a an amount, b an interest rate, c a term, and d a payment. If any three of these elements are known, then the fourth can be derived from the tables. Procedures for discounting future benefits and costs or otherwise converting benefits and costs to a common time basis are also presented. In resource development projects, value is used to express benefits arising from effects of project measures, or it could be the cost for providing such measures.

This book is organized into two parts. Part I discusses concepts relevant to compound interest. These include annuities in arrears and advance, capital redemption policies, yields on life fund and redeemable securities and the convertibility of effective and nominal interests. Part II provides a more detailed discussion of simple interest, abstractions, and logs and limits. The book also provides a plan of study, tips on examination procedures, and preparations for examinations.

The fundamental idea is that a dollar received today is worth more than a dollar to be received in the future. This result occurs because a dollar in hand today can be invested to generate additional immediate returns. In the context of capital budgeting, assume two alternative investments have the same upfront cost. Based solely on this information, one should conclude that Alpha is preferred to Beta. Although the total cash returns are the same, the time value of money is better for Alpha than Beta.

APPENDIX C: COMPOUND INTEREST TABLES 1/4%. Compound Interest Factors. 1/4%. Single Payment. Uniform Payment Series. Arithmetic Gradient.

11.E: Compound Interest- Annuities (Exercises)

For questions 1—4, use the information provided to determine whether an annuity exists. For questions 5—8, determine the annuity type. For questions 9—10, draw an annuity timeline and determine the annuity type. For questions 11—15, draw an annuity timeline and determine the annuity type. Calculate the value of N.

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Formula of Simple Interest; Examples; There are two ways to calculate interest. One is the simple interest and other is the compound interest. In this article simple interest is defined, explained and calculated.

11.2: Future Value Of Annuities

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Discounted cash flow DCF , whether by capitalisation or by cash flow analysis, has many detractors because of a number of apparent problems such as the reinvestment assumption and the possibility of multiple rates of return. The difference between the YP models and the DCF models is to do with the level cash flows assumed in the former and the variability of the cash flows measured in the latter. MIRR was developed as an answer to the above problems and it is demonstrated in a case study in which the fallacy of the apparent problems is also demonstrated. MIRR has a place in the analysis of investment strategy, but IRR equated yield is shown to be satisfactory in the financial analysis and comparison of individual projects. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback.

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