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Skip to content. All Homes Search Contact. Father in heaven, Spirit on Earth You have shown me my worth Blood in my veins and words in my chest Love is all I confess. That You would come and give Your life. The Father so loved us.

Father, We Love You

Lead Sheet. Chord Chart. Piano Accompaniment. Vocal Charts. Full Orchestral Score.

Donna Adkins composed this fine song in and entitled it "Glorify Thy Name. Music in in the collection Praise 5. It also appeared on the corresponding recording of the same name. Adkins writes the following about her composition of this hymn:. One morning while reading the seventeenth chapter of John, I began to meditate on the prayer of Jesus. I saw in a new way that Jesus was not only praying for His disciples, but for all who would follow Him in years to come. He was actually praying for me!

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When we sing about God's grace and we believe the truth deep in our hearts, it affects our lives. We live with more compassion. We extend more mercy. We feel more empathy. This is why worship songs about grace and mercy are so important to the church. Every day and every week, through song and word, we must remind ourselves about the nature of God who is full of grace.

The Maranatha Singers Father I Adore You Sheet Music. Terrye Coelho JESUS WE LOVE YOU Chords Bethel Music E Chords. We Adore You chords by Paul Baloche Worship Chords. Sheet and other PDF Orchestration Sheet Music.

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Translation: Holy Spirit, storm of love. We pause at each year's ending. You are on earth, Lord Jesus Christ. John Earwaker.

Glorify Your name in all the earth. You are our saving God who leads us in our Salvation. There is none like You,Lord,You are awesome in every way. Bb A peaceful praise and worship. Glorify Thy name, glorify Thy name, Glorify Thy name in all the earth.

Jesus We Love You

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