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February 18, Generator MCQ Question,d c generator mcq question and answer. What are the rotating parts of the D. Ans:- These parts of the following :. Which types of material e.

100 Important MCQ Question of DC Motor | Objective type question of DC Motor

About Electrician Education Electrician Education is a blog through covers all the questions of ITI which are very important questions for competitive exams. ITI students can give the free online test, for which they will not have to pay any money. We also provide electrician theory related topics, objective type question answer and iti ncvt exams previous solved paper. Generators MCQ English. In any rotating machine that part which houses the conductors and in which e.

The armature of D. The resistance of armature winding depends on a length of conductor b cross-sectional area of the conductor c number of conductors d all of the above Ans: d. The field coils of D. The commutator segments are connected to the armature conductors by means of a copper lugs b resistance wires c insulation pads d brazing Ans: a. In a commutator a copper is harder than mica b mica and copper are equally hard c mica is harder than copper d none of the above Ans: c.

How may the number of parallel paths in an armature be increased? By increasing the number of magnetic poles. How are brushes connected in a d. Usually, all positive brushes are connected together and all the negative brushes together figure-a. What is meant by armature reaction? It is the effect of armature magnetic field on the distribution of flux under main poles of a generator.

Express your answer in relation to Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction. file 6. Page 7. Question 9. DC generators will act as DC.

300+ TOP D.C. GENERATORS Multiple choice Questions and Answers

The material for commutator brushes is generally a mica b copper c cast iron d carbon Ans: d. The insulating material used between the commutator segments is normally a graphite b paper c mica d insulating varnish Ans: c. If brushes of a D. Armature reaction of an unsaturated D. Iron losses in a D.

Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on DC Generators - Set 08

Cast iron. Cumulatively compounded long shunt.

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    D.C. GENERATORS - Electrical Engineering Multiple choice Questions and Answer pdf free download interview questions objective type questions lab viva.

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    D c generator question and answer pdf. 1) Define the principle of operation of a DC generator? An electric generator is a machine that converts mechanical.

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