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Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies

Skip to main content. About this product. Included in the new edition are over medicinal formulas drawn from both classical and modern sources, which provide more than twice the information in the earlier edition. For each of the plus principal formulas there is a discussion of its therapeutic actions and indications, analysis of the functions and interactions of the ingredients, method of preparation, and a list of modifications to customize the formula in the clinic. Over variations and associated formulas offer additional options for the practitioner. The commentary to each formula has been considerably expanded.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition)

The potential values of Chinese herbal formulas in treating various diseases are well known. In addition to more than 2, years of history, herbal medicine is appreciated for its remarkable efficacy in a lot of cases, which warrants a role in public health care worldwide, especially in East Asian countries. Liver cancer is the second most fatal cancer across the world. Recent studies have extensively investigated the chemical profiles and pharmacological effects of Chinese herbal medicine formulas on liver cancer. Either through observational follow-up or experimental studies, multiple herbal formulas have benefits implicated in the management of liver cancer. However, complex composition of each formula imposes restrictions on promoting clinical practice and global recognition. Therefore, understanding the mode of action of Chinese herbal medicine formulas in depth may offer sufficient evidence for their clinical use.

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Formulas & Strategies

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Over variations and associated formulas offer additional options for the. The section on comparisons helps the practitioner focus on the distinguishing characteristics. Among the appendices are. Magazine: [F.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable

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Metrics details. The virus first appeared in Wuhan, China, in late December , and traditional Chinese herbal medicine is being used for its treatment. This systematic review and meta-analysis will assess studies of the effects of traditional Chinese herbal medicine in COVID pneumonia. Reference lists of relevant trials and reviews will be searched. We will manually search gray literature, such as conference proceedings and academic degree dissertations, and trial registries. Data analysis will be conducted using the Review Manager software version 5.

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